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100% Real Whitetail Antlers For Shed Dog Training by Everything Shed Dog

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Nothing beats the real thing when it comes to shed antlers....we sell 100% real naturally dropped whitetail shed antlers with no cut offs or unnatural features. These have nice antler scent that is perfect for shed dog training. You can even add some shed antler scent to increase the potency of the smell for your training exercises.

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These are real shed antlers that are perfect for the progression of shed dog training.  We sell these 100% real whitetail antler in four size for a distinct reason.  As you are training your dog to find shed antlers you will want to progressively move him to larger antlers as he/she can handle it.  Everything Shed Dog has you covered with great antlers of in hour sizes (Small Antlers, Large Antlers, Extra Large Antlers, and 2XL antlers).

Shed Dog Training Antler Sizes:

  • Extra Small Shed Antler
    • Size- Small fork or 4 pointer antler
    • use- Great for puppies or dog just starting out with antlers
  • Small Shed Antler
      • Size- Small 6 point antlers
      • Use- Great for pups and beginner shed dogs
  • Large Shed Antler
      • Size- 1.5 year old whitetail- 6 and 8 pointers with decent Tyne legth
      • Use- Great for second stage training, probably not for most pups
  • Extra Large Shed Antler
      • Size- 2.5 year old whitetails- 8 and 10 pointers with good Tyne length
      • Use- Advanced shed dogs that should be used to training for "real" life shed hunting
  • 2 Extra Large Shed Antler
      • Size- 2.5+ years old whitetails, 140+ Boone and Crockett score
      • Use- Advanced shed dogs with experience
Our take on these shed dog training antlers:
We have looked for a long time for antlers that would really represent the antler you will find out in nature and we finally found them.  We use these antler with a quality  antler scent for ideal training results!  These are wild found sheds and you will not be disappointed with the quality and size. 

We also carry Mule Deer shed antlers and Elk Shed antlers for shed dog training

*Important Note: Antlers are naturally grown and can vary in size, shape, color, and density, the pictures are only meant to provide a general guide and not an exact representation of what will be shipped. These antlers are 100% real, from time to time antlers are missing tines and have natural disfigurement but we see no problem with these irregularities as they are the same as any dog would fine when hunting shed antlers in the wild.


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