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DogBone Shed Antler Dog Retrieving and Training Dummy (Brown) by Moore Outdoors DBAD

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We have used these shed antler dummies for several years and really like them for our dogs.  It is a great material because it is the same feel in the dogs mouth as many of the popular bird dummies on the market and is a comfortable way to get your dogs acclimated to shed antlers that are safe and comfortable.  We feel like this shed antler is a well make product that will last and help your dog find more shed antlers.



The guys from DogBone have really created a nice training tool here that is will really make training your dog to find shed antlers fun and easy.  This brown foam dummy shed antler is the perfect training tool to prepare your dog for real antlers in the woods, it is realistic in all ways except how hard it is.  It allows you to effectively train for shed antler dog on sight and scent in a safe an non-threating way.  These dummy antlers are intended to be use with the DogBone antler scent so your dog can get acquanted to real antler scent for real life experiences.  You can tell the guys from Bone Dog are really fanatics when it comes to training shed dogs and hunting for shed!

The DogBone is the only antler shaped dog retrieving tool on the market. It is designed to allow its users to effectively "cross-train" previously trained retrievers and sporting dogs to hunt for and retrieve shed antlers. Moore's DogBone's are made of the same material as other popular training dummies, enabling an easy transition in training to an object of a new shape with a familiar feel. The DogBone dummies are not only effective transition training tools, but also serve as a means to provide a safe, positive and pleasant introduction to the antler shape for pups and young dogs with sensitive smaller muzzles, eyes and nose's. With the use of a few basic training methods and the proper tools, most dogs can be effectively trained to find sheds, increasing your odds of success exponentially!

Shed Antler Features:

  • Shed Antler Dog Training Retriever Dummy- white in color (brown available here)
  • Realistic Antler Shape, size, and weight
  • Dummy floats for summer training (avoids heat exhaustion, the dogs have fun and stay cool)
  • Brown Antler is used for transitioning your dogs from using their eyes to locate sheds to bringing out natural game finding ability with their sense of smell
  • Made of soft foam that is strong and will last a life time
  • Antler dummy is made of injectable foam for scent training
  • Easy and safe way to introduce antler to your hunting dog or puppy
  • Made in the USA

Shed Antler Size and Weight:

  • Weight: .54 LBS.
  • Size: 6.44in X 6.44in X 3 inches

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Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.