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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Product Review: DogBone Shed Antler Retrieving System

    DogBone Antler Training Kit

    The Dog Bone Antler Retrieving System is a great training tool to use when starting the training of your new shed dog.  When you buy this system you will get a foam antler and the Dog bone Antler Scent. This is the complete package for the person that is just starting the shed dog training.  Using the foam shed gets your dog used to the shape and weight of a natural antler shed, also safely teaches the dog  how to pick up sheds, without running the risk of the dog picking it up wrong and it rolling in their mouth and stabbing them, in turn making them “Shed Shy”.  Once your dog is proficient at pick up the foam shed you can move to a natural shed.  There is nothing better than a natural antler shed but the Dog bone antler kit is the next best thing.  Using the antler and the antler scent is an excellent combination when training.  My observation while training multiple dogs for shed hunting, is that the dog bone antler seems to hold a stronger scent for a longer period of time because the foam absorbs the scent vs. using a real shed that is a bone and may not absorb the scent as well, making it easier for younger less advanced dogs to succeed.  The antler also comes with a string where the pedicle is to make it easier to throw farther into dense cover where you want your dog to focus when looking for those big sheds.

    I give this product 5 out of 5

    By Rick Schmitz

    Behind the Blinds Shed and Hunting Dog Trainer

  • Making your property more valuable with Sheds Antlers

    Double shed Antlers

    In today’s market, when people are looking for hunting land they are generally looking for quality animals to hunt.  Some people are looking for a property to buy cheap and manage them the way they want to and some people are looking for a property to buy that is ready to hunt, with quality deer on it.

    Finding sheds and saving them is an easy way to prove that your property holds big deer, in turn making your property more valuable.  Having a good shed dog to help you find those sheds is a must. Yes you may be able find a shed here or there, but with a good shed dog and sometime in the outdoors you should be able to find 95% of the shed on your property.  Having some trail cam picture to go along with your sheds would probably help the cause too.

    Also if you have the same bucks sheds for a couple years, you can prove that your property holds older deer, remember generally people are looking for that 4 ½ to 5 ½ year old buck and proving that may spark a little bit more interest towards buying your property vs. another property

    By Rick Schmitz

    Behind the Blinds Kennel and Dog Training

  • Top Shed Antler Hunting Tips

    Whitetail Shed Antler- Shed Tips


    1. Use Snow To Your Advantage
    2. Use Ridges and Hills
    3. Deer Bedding Areas
    4. Use Your GPS To Find Antlers
    5. Check Thick Areas For Shed Antlers
    6. Shed Antler Hunting Dogs


    Hey guys and girls is Mid February 2013 and the bucks are going to start dropping
    their antlers and you are going to want to get out and find those antlers. This is a
    perfect time to test out all the hard work you have put in to your new shed dog.
    Here are a couple tips to make your trip into the woods more successful:

    1. Use Snow to your advantage: If you are in an area that has snow still on the ground you can use this to your advantage follow the deer trails in the snow and let your dog wonder
    the area looking for sheds remember don’t travel to fast as some sheds
    might be covered in snow, trust your dog and let them work like you would
    if you were bird hunting.
    2. Use Ridges and Hills: Locate southward facing ridges and hills; this is where bucks will hang out during the colder months to soak as much heat from the sun as they can.
    3. Deer Bedding Areas: Locate bedding areas and a food source then work both areas and the area between the two, remember during the cold months deer will congregate
    in these area so they don’t have to expend as much effort for food.
    4. Use Your GPS To Find Antlers: Mark waypoints on your GPS from year to year bucks don’t always drop their antler in the same exact spot, but sometime having a starting point
    the next year will increase your odds of finding more sheds.
    5. Check Thick Areas For Shed Antlers:  If you are in an area that gets a lot of snow look for a “deer yard” generally these are located in thicker areas, such as cedar swamps or pine
    plantations, the low hanging branches will aid in knocking the antlers off.
    6. Shed Antler Hunting Dogs: The last and most important tip, is to have a well-trained shed dog to go out and help you find those sheds, and the best way to have a well-trained
    shed dog is to follow www.everythingsheddog.com ‘s blogs written by
    the foremost pros in the field, and to make sure that you have the best Shed Dog Trainig
    equipment for training from everything shed dog

  • Product review: DogBone Real Shed Antler For Dog Training DB FAL

    DogBone Real Shed Antler- Whitetail

    The Dog Bone Real Shed antler is a great tool for finishing your shed dog.  Before you introduce your dog the real Shed antler “Hard Antlers”  you should always start with, foam or plastic antlers, and wax or liquid scents, to get your dog used to the weight, feel and scent of the antler, but once you have a dog that is confident in all the above you should introduce the Real Antler.

    The benefit of using the Dog Bone Shed antler is that it come with the pedicle still on the shed and has not been cut off, cutting of the pedicle can leave a burnt smell on the antler which is not good for training a new dog. This also goes for small antler cut offs by cutting the antlers you lose a lot of the natural smell that an antler carries.

    We use the Dog Bone Real Shed Antler in the final step of the shed dog training program that we run for all of our shed dogs. These are real sheds and there is nothing better to use when finishing your dog, once your dog is conditioned to finding “fake “sheds. At this stage your dog should have no problem find a real shed and retrieving it to you

    I give this product a 4 ½ out of 5

  • Product Review: Dog Bone Antler Scent DBAS

    DogBone2oz. Antler Scent for Shed Dog Training

    I highly recommend using the Dog Bone Antler scent to help aid in the training your shed dog.  We train 10-15 dogs a year for shed dogs and we have been using the Dog Bone antler scent for a while and have noticed a difference in the training since we started using the Dog Bone products, it seems that dogs are able to locate the sheds a little easier when training, and success of finding a shed is what makes your dog wan more.  The great thing about the Dog Bone Antler scent is that it is made with real pulverized antlers they add small amounts of hair and blood to the blend.  Real sheds lose scent so reapplying the scent to the antler makes it possible to reuse sheds day in and day out. The Dog Bone Antler Scent is easy to use, just apply to the antler and hide, it’s as easy as that. One thing to keep in mind when you are Applying the scent to an antler is to try and minimize the amount of human scent that you apply to the shed.  I recommend that you use rubber gloves to apply the scent.

    I give this product 4 out of 5

  • Product Review: Dokken Plastic Training Antler- SA-PTA

    Large Plastic Shed- Product Review

    The Plastic antler is another great training tool for shed training. When you use
    this plastic can rest assured that you dog won’t injure them, the Dokken plastic
    antler has round points make it a safe training tool. The plastic antler has the
    realism of a real antler with all the bumps and contours that a real antler may
    have. It doesn’t have the same weight as a real shed, but for training with a
    puppy it works great because they can usually pick it up with ease and they don’t
    have to struggle to pick up a real antler, which generally makes it more fun for the
    puppy and helps build confidence. We use the plastic antler when we transition
    a young dog from the foam antler to a real antler, it is a great stepping stone for
    a dog to get used to the hardness of a real shed without using a real shed. When
    we use the plastic antler we generally use the rack wax instead of a liquid scent,
    the plastic doesn’t absorb the liquid as well, if at all as foam antler does. Another
    great perk of using the plastic antler is in warm weather it floats, not that you find
    to many antlers in the water but it make a fun retrieve for the dog.

    Remember these are not chew toys and should not be used as chew toys.

    I give this product a 4 ½ out of 5


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    We are very excited to bring you the world’s first and only webstore dedicated exclusively to products utilized in shed antler hunting with a gun dog, www.EverythingShedDog.com. We are your authority when it comes to Everything Shed Dogs! We carry all the major brands of products such as Dokken Shed Training Products, Dog Bone, Remington, SportDog, Tri-trontics and others. In addition to the widest assortment of shed dog hunting products, we will provide you useful information on our sport, tips by the pros, National Shed Hunting Club, and follow the North American Shed Dog Hunting Association trial series.


    We are focusing on quality, not quantity. Any product or brand that we carry on Everything Shed Dog was been personally used by us or our pro staff has endorsed this products as top quality and reliable. We do not want to be everything to everyone, but the highest quality outlet for products and information associated with shed dog hunting! -


    www.everythingsheddog.com is the first and largest e-commerce retailer dedicated to helping other shed hunting fanatics carry out their mission of finding more shed by offering only top quality Shed Dog accessories.  We pride ourselves on being entrenched in the shed dog hunting community with full understanding of the lifestyle.



  • Puppies Having Fun

    photo(1)Black Lab Pup- Ready to Play!Great lab puppy Picture

  • Set Your Shed Dogs Up for Success!!!

    Bone Collector LogoSet Your Shed Dogs Up for Success

    In 2010/2011 we were able to train a dog for a great friend of ours, Nick Mundt, from the TV show Bone Collectors.  Nick’s dog is named “Jeb”- an English lab from Wildrose Kennels.  Old Jeb is turning out to be a fine shed dog!  The title of this blog is “Set Your Dogs Up for Success.”  This saying is something we use and repeat throughout our training in countless situations and you will find this out as we continue to post short articles here on EverythingShed.com.   We will use this important rule here discussing our early “hunts” with our partners.

    One thing we are very strong believers in when it comes to working our dogs is that we are never in a rush to get through our training.  In fact, we are often accused of moving along with our training at a snail’s pace, which I’m not offended by whatsoever.  The reason being- I know that when we take the time to ensure we have created solid habits through repetition and consistency, we have truly trained our dog and formed that solid habit of whatever behavior it is we are working on.  Because of this, when the time comes for us to work our dogs in the field on actual shed hunts, our dogs will be set up for success.

    In a typical year, I find between 200-300 sheds depending on a lot of variables (weather, time in the field, locations/access to ground, etc.).   Some folks I talk with think that’s remarkable, while others aren’t so impressed.  We do a lot of shows, seminars and appearances with our dogs and I often get the question, “Do you find sheds every time out?” and my answer is simple…ABSOLUTELY!  My dogs will ALWAYS find sheds when they are out.  Are they natural shed antlers that they are finding? No, I wish it were that simple, but it’s definitely not.  I have some very good places to look for sheds, but there is no way that I’m going to find sheds or even a single shed for that matter every time we go out.

    However, when I’m working with a young dog in training (and even with my older dogs at times) as the handler I have to realize that an actual shed hunt is nothing more than an extension of our training or of our lessons.  In between our spring show schedule I try to line up at least a few shed hunts every year that are “cupcakes” (Iowa, Kansas, Canada for example) that I know we are going to put these young dogs on lots of opportunities for successful picks.  This is a great way to build confidence and put the final pieces together for finish training.  The problem is, sometimes I’m stuck looking in places like my backyard (in central WI) and unfortunately we have extremely high hunting pressure and low numbers of mature deer.  After all, we can’t pick up sheds from bucks that are killed at 1 ½ yrs old!  This forces me to put my dogs in an environment that will ensure success for them each and every time.

    The easiest way I’ve found to do this on an actual shed hunt is to pitch a shed 50 yards from the truck on my way out to the field.  Then, on the return, the last thing I do is circle my dog downwind and end the lesson a high note before putting the dog up.  I also bring a small shed in my back pocket with me and throughout the walk, when I’m seeing my dogs focus fade, I pitch the shed while they are not looking, circle them downwind and let them find it and make the retrieve.  This will bring new life into my dog for another short duration and then I repeat as necessary.  I like to compare it to when I took my son fishing for the first time.  We didn’t go to northern Wisconsin on a musky trip where we may cast for 3 days and never get a hit.  Instead, we went to my dad’s farm pond and caught bluegills one after another to keep him having fun and keep his interest peaked.

    Set your dog up for success and you will find a dog that is eager to learn and continue to work for you.  When we are lucky enough, we make sure to take advantage of those “cupcake” trips, not just because it’s a great time picking up a ton of sheds, but because it allows for some of our best training opportunities.  The picture attached to this blog is from a 1 ½ day trip to Southern Iowa that we took Nick Mundt’s dog, Jeb, along with a few others we had in training.  We picked up 79 sheds during that time and when we came home we had some very tired, but confident shed dogs on our hands to keep moving forward in our training system.

    Visit and shop the full line of DogBone Product here!

    Remember, set your dogs up for success in training!

    By Jeremy Moore
    DogBone Products


  • NASHDA- EverythingShedDog Is a Proud Sponsor!!

    NASHDA- Winner Rochester MN- Everything Shed Dog

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