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Why Shed Antler Hunt With A Dog?

Shed Antler Puppy Training

It’s a common misconception that shed hunting is only for dad, but that is not true, it’s a family thing.  As much fun as it is to spend a day in the outdoors alone, it’s always more fun to spend it with someone and having a dog that finds sheds means you never have to go alone again even if the family can’t go.  One of the great things about shed hunting with dogs is the social aspect. It gets moms and kids out in the outdoors with dad.  Making games out of shed hunting will keep it interesting, see who can find a shed before the dog or see who can find the most sheds with or without the dog, and before you know it the day is over.

Taking your kids out in the woods to find sheds is a hard task and kids get bored when they don’t find what they are looking for, which in turn leads to a much less enjoyable and shorter time in the outdoors.  But add a well-trained shed dog to the mix and you start finding what you are looking for and now you have kids that are interested and driven to find more, making your day outdoors fun and enjoyable.

By Professional Shed Dog Trainer,
Rick Schmitz
Hortonville, WI
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