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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • 2013 NASHDA Shed Hunting Dog World Championships- Finalist and Winners Announced!

    Day two of the 2013 world shed dog championships was a brutal day from a weather prospective!  The 32 degree day with freezing rain/snow/ rain and 30+ MPH winds was tough on the human competitors but the shed dogs did not seem to mind in the least.  It is amazing how focused and excited those dogs get to go find antlers.  Despite the conditions the spirits were high and the energy of the competitors was charged with the titles and trophies of Junior, Amateur, and Professional that were on the line.

    The competition started at 9:00 am, after a brief handlers meeting that provided details and the final lineup of the day.  The cell phones of the competitors where even checked in so there would not be any information passed along to the handlers that were still scheduled to run the coarse later in the day.   After that the competition was off and running with a day full of exciting competition!

    At the end of a windy snowy day the podium was filled with smiling faces and happy dogs!  EverythingShedDog.com wants to congratulate all the winners and folks that participated in this year’s 2013 World Shed Dog Trails.

    Open Division Winner- Owner (Megan Harten) & Dog (Remi)- (Dog Handler Josh Miller)

    Amateur division Winner- Owner (Parker Uhlman) & Dog Dee Dee

    Junior Division Winner-Owner Aaron Palbrach & Dog Kale

    On top of this being a great completion our team is always amazed at the atmosphere of the shed dog competition events.  Of course, the dogs and trainers want to win but it is the classiness of the trainers and dog handlers that is amazing.  They are always there to help each other and provide a helping hand to another competitor you’re their dog if needed.  It is truly like no other event we have been to; it reminds me of a large family reunion.  Even the dinner and banquet that takes place on Saturday night of championship weekend is filled with great times, good laughs, and tons of group comradely!

    Next year we would encourage you to get involved and see what an awesome experience the NASHDA qualifiers and shed dog hunting world championships are.  You and your shed hunting dog will not be disappointed in how fun and entertaining the event is and the comradely of the atmosphere.

    Written By :
    Team EverythingShedDog.com
    Via NorthField MN Shed Dog World Championships

  • 2013 NASHDA Shed Dog World Championships: 37 Dogs Competing for Top Prize

    EverythingShedDog.com is so proud to sponsor such an awesome weekend, packed with amazing shed hunting dogs that have tremendous talent and trainers that have truly done an amazing job preparing their shed antler finding dogs!  The condition did not seem ideal for finding sheds, with sub-freezing temperatures and completely snow covered ground, but the weather did not seem to affect the dogs or the trainers, there were some really fast times turned in on the first day of shed antler hunting competition.

    NASHDA-Rochester Shed Dog Trail

    The first day of completion consisted of 37 dogs (more than double the 2012 World Championships) that qualified for the world championships at 6 qualifying events that were held throughout 2012 and 2013 around the country.  Each shed hunting dog and trainer that qualified at those events was invited to attend the NASHDA Championship event, which is being held at Tom Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennel in Northfield, MN.  Of the 37 dogs that competed on day one of the event, only 20 of the fastest times will move on to compete in the finials on day two.  There are three classes of contestants- Juniors, Amateur, and Professional.

    There is no shortage of competition, with several returning champion dogs and trainers such as Josh Miller, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, and Linda Profant that are bringing experience and stiff competition.  Day ones competition is still underway, as I write this article and I will be updating everyone as things are finalized and we have the complete list of competitors that will be competing on day two of the North American Shed Hunting Dog Association, on Sunday April 14th 2013!  We are so excited to see how day one ends up and to watch how the finals play out tomorrow!

    Shed Dog Championships- EverythingShedDog

    A special thank you to Tom Dokken, all the folks at his Oak Ridge Kennels, and all the volunteers for putting on such a classy and well run event!

    Written By:
    EverythingShedDog.com Via NorthField MN

  • The Importance of First Impressions- Shed Dog Training

    In this month’s ESD blog, I thought I would talk about an important part of any retriever training, the importance of the first impression.  Whether it be with hopes of ultimately turning out a great gundog, upland dog, shed dog or any other working retriever, the importance of good first impression is crucial. The thing about this is that when we introduce our pups to anything and everything in the training process, we need to remember as handlers that it is our responsibility to ensure that we “tee it up” for our pups to make sure that we begin with the end in mind.  When I say that, I mean that there are going to be things that we encounter with our pup in the training process that are going to be “firsts” for that young dog.  Some of these things will be as simple as riding on a 4-wheeler or ATV/UTV, swimming for the first time, feathers and or live birds, gunfire, etc.

    Dog Bone picture

    For our shed dogs, the actual antler is going to be one that is critical!  More specifically, it is going to be critical to introduce the antler when our pups are 100% confident that the shape, the scent and the feel of a hard horn in their mouths are a GOOD thing.  If we, as handlers, toss a real shed antler for our pups or dogs, they will likely rush out to pick up the antler and bring it back, especially if he or she has retriever instincts. The problem is, that relative to dummies, tennis balls or game birds, a shed antler is hard, heavy and pointy. Young pups, especially, have small, sensitive eyes, noses, muzzles and mouths and when your pup is improperly introduced to that hard, heavy, pointy shed their first impression is one of pain, not gain. If you are lucky, your dog will drop the shed antler and move on to something else without injury. More than likely, and as I have experienced myself, the dog will drop the shed and refuse to go near it again, all due to the improper introduction to sheds.

    Gundogs aren’t born afraid of gunfire, but when we introduce loud noises to our dogs improperly…we end up with gun-shy dogs.  The same is true with our shed dogs.  We overcome the risk of negative introductions with our shed dogs by starting them out with the Dog Bone dummies (all available at Everythingsheddog.com) allowing us to still condition the shape of the antler, but without the risk of the negative introduction.  Keep in mind when training…the things you do with your young dogs will stick with them for the entire life, both good and bad. So, be sure to begin with the end in mind.

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