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2013 NASHDA Shed Hunting Dog World Championships- Finalist and Winners Announced!

Day two of the 2013 world shed dog championships was a brutal day from a weather prospective!  The 32 degree day with freezing rain/snow/ rain and 30+ MPH winds was tough on the human competitors but the shed dogs did not seem to mind in the least.  It is amazing how focused and excited those dogs get to go find antlers.  Despite the conditions the spirits were high and the energy of the competitors was charged with the titles and trophies of Junior, Amateur, and Professional that were on the line.

The competition started at 9:00 am, after a brief handlers meeting that provided details and the final lineup of the day.  The cell phones of the competitors where even checked in so there would not be any information passed along to the handlers that were still scheduled to run the coarse later in the day.   After that the competition was off and running with a day full of exciting competition!

At the end of a windy snowy day the podium was filled with smiling faces and happy dogs!  EverythingShedDog.com wants to congratulate all the winners and folks that participated in this year’s 2013 World Shed Dog Trails.

Open Division Winner- Owner (Megan Harten) & Dog (Remi)- (Dog Handler Josh Miller)

Amateur division Winner- Owner (Parker Uhlman) & Dog Dee Dee

Junior Division Winner-Owner Aaron Palbrach & Dog Kale

On top of this being a great completion our team is always amazed at the atmosphere of the shed dog competition events.  Of course, the dogs and trainers want to win but it is the classiness of the trainers and dog handlers that is amazing.  They are always there to help each other and provide a helping hand to another competitor you’re their dog if needed.  It is truly like no other event we have been to; it reminds me of a large family reunion.  Even the dinner and banquet that takes place on Saturday night of championship weekend is filled with great times, good laughs, and tons of group comradely!

Next year we would encourage you to get involved and see what an awesome experience the NASHDA qualifiers and shed dog hunting world championships are.  You and your shed hunting dog will not be disappointed in how fun and entertaining the event is and the comradely of the atmosphere.

Written By :
Team EverythingShedDog.com
Via NorthField MN Shed Dog World Championships

One thought on “2013 NASHDA Shed Hunting Dog World Championships- Finalist and Winners Announced!”

  • Where are the rest of the competitors standings and scores?? It would be nice to see all and how they placed in their brackets..

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