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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • EverythingShedDog.com- Chosen For Exclusive SportDOG Retail Group!

    SportDOG and PetSafe is drastically changing the way it sells online and EverythingGunDog.com and EverythingShedDog.com was carefully selected as one of the few approved dealers.  We estimate less than 5% (under 100 total)of current SportDOG online retails were approved so we are honored to be this is exclusive group!  We have been selected because of our true commitment to helping and serving our customers and 100% stand behind everything we sell- that is fact!  We are super excited about this and it will help even further serve our hunting dog customers that so loyally use SportDOG products.

    Authorized SportDOG Retailer                                            Authorized PetSafe Retailer

    Offical Authorization Letter From SportDOG:

    Dear Everything Ecom LLC / Everything Gun Dog,

    Thank you for becoming an Authorized Retailer for PetSafe and SportDOG branded products.   We have changed our strategy for 2013 and have reduced the total number of authorized resellers to make sure our brands are represented in quality selling environments and offer the best possible support and experience to the consumer.

  • How Shed Antler Dogs Can Help you Manage your Whitetail Property

    The elusive whitetail deer that are on your property are hard to keep track of and manage, but with the assistance of a well-trained shed antler dog, this can become a lot easier to collect physical evidence and data on your deer herd, what better proof is there of big bucks than having the shed antlers?  Shed dogs can find the antlers that quality deer managers will miss all day by walking right by them.  A dog’s scent is close to 100 times greater than the normal humans so a properly trained shed dog can find 10 times more shed antlers than what most humans could ever find.  This gives the deer manager valuable insight to what deer are on the property and where there bedding and feeding area are.

    Giant Whitetail Deer

    Knowing what deer made it through the winter and what areas of the property the deer are using allows you to make better management decisions, such as where to put food plots, where to put watering holes, and where to plant warm season grasses for cover.  If you use the shed antler data to make your decisions on locating key elements of deer habitat, often times will reduce the amount of stress the deer experience and offer them your property as the best alternative to any neighboring property, hence increase the herd size and genetics through your deer management.  This all starts with finding the most shed antlers with your shed antler dog you can so you can collect that data, which in this case is the shed antlers.

    In conjunction to shed antler dogs helping manage your property, In my previous life I sold hunting and farm real estate in Illinois so I saw firsthand on many occasions the value of having shed antlers to prove to someone that a piece of hunting property held huge whitetails.  This not only was proof of these deer but it would often times validate an asking price on a piece of property or entice someone to pay just a little extra based on what the shed antler dog would find.  It was always fun to pull out those giant sheds to impress a buyer of a hunting property and watch their eyes light up and start to salivate!  Producing these shed was a product of intense management and using a antler dog to find the proof.

    When it comes to quality deer management technics a shed dog can sure add a lot of dimension to managing your whitetail property.  They are just another tool in the management bag, and in our opinion a very important one because of the validation they bring to what is really growing on your property. To learn more about training your antler dog training products and shed dog training books and shed dog training DVD, you can do it yourself and start managing your hunting property better today!

  • Introducing a New Product Category- Dog Deer Tracking and Recovery Training Systems

    We are super excited to introduce the newest category of dog training products, dog deer tracking and recovery training products.  These products will allow individuals and professional dog trainers alike to train any breed of dog to find wounded whitetail deer and other large game animals.  We are so excited because we have personally lost and been on hunts where everything seemed to go right, except you just couldn’t find that trophy that you know is dead somewhere out in the woods.  This new line up of deer dog recovery and tracking training products will prevent this from happening.  This new dog training system takes advantage of the fact that a dogs nose is approximately 100X better at detecting a scent than our human noises.  So for a dog to find a wounded deer is somewhat equivalent to a human find a fresh baked apple pie in your kitchen(well not exactly, but you get the point)!

    Dog deer tracking

    The Shed dog team has been hunting recreationally for a long time (decades) and have certainly experienced our share of heart wrenching experiences with losing Pope & Young and Boone & Crocket bucks.  Losing this kind of deer does something to you that, I simply can’t put into words…it is like a nightmare that simply won’t go away, it just keeps playing over and over in your head.  We work so hard and put in so much time into scouting, gear choices, scent management, deer management, surveys, tree stand time, and when everything comes together for that big whitetail to walk in front of us, and we actually get a shot, nothing is more important that finding that deer in the woods once a shot has been placed.  Not to mention so people or ranch are paying or charge huge money for these opportunities at huge big game animals.  This is what we want to help you with, training your hunting dog to track and recover your wounded deer so you don’t have to live that nightmare!

    We really believe introducing a dog that tracks wounded deer is the next logical step with hardcore whitetail hunters, ranches, and outfitters.  The equipment technology is getting so good and at some point there just is not much else that can be invented to provide a competitive advantage.  We believe this is just what the deer gods have in store for your hardcore hunters, outfitters, and landowners.  Now get started training your dog today with one of our new line up of products!

    Your Shed Dog Team!

  • Chillin At NASHDA- Behind the Scense 2013 Shed Dog Trials

    One of the neatest aspects about the NASHDA (North American Shed Hunting Dog Association) events is the feeling that the competitors and attendees are there to help one another out and cheer each and their dogs on in the field work and the sidelines.  It is different from many other sporting events I have been to.  There is just a sense of community and willingness to build each other and their dogs up, instead of tear each other down.  I would say this is fairly common in the dog training and trial world but it seems even more present here!  What can I say Shed doggers rock and EverythingShedDog.com is proud to be apart of the shed antler dog training and trial community.

    The Shed Dog Antler World!  NASHADA 2013 chillin Video!


  • Hunting Dog Puppy Pictures

    Lab puppy with dokken dummyIt is that time of year where many folks around the country are getting their new hunting dog puppies and this is one of the new pups we have welcomed into the Everything shed dog family!  This good looking little guy's name is Fischer!  He is going to be a great one!

    Black Lab Hunting PuppyDokken Bumper and Puppy

  • Why Shed Antler Dogs and Shed Dog Training Is Taking Off!

    We are convinced that shed dog training, shed antler hunting and the up and coming sport of using dogs to find shed antlers is becoming so popular because it appeals to all outdoors man and women, hunters, deer hunters, duck hunters, upland hunters, elk and moose hunters!  It is the sport that transcends the actual hunting of animals and joins the hunting disciplines together by using the dog and interacting with nature and a dog to allow a connection with nature to exist that is different than any other sport out there.  You can still enjoy animals, nature, and hunting for something with your best friend (your dog).  This is also a sport that can be done with a group of hunters or with your family and friends.

    Shed Antler Dog Training

    Basically finding sheds with a dog allows you to take elements of each many sports and combine them into one sport.  There is the act of “hunting”, which is searching the woods for the best spot to find shed antlers and learning over time which type of spots have produced the best antler finding results.  And then there is the element of your dog and using your best friend as an extension or compliment of your hunting skills.  From our experience more hunters use dogs to help them enjoy spending time in the woods and enjoy the comradery, as they enjoy actually harvesting critters.  It boils down to dog people just enjoying the training and discipline of the relationship that we create with that dog and enjoy seeing the training we have provided succeed and thrive out in the woods.  Shed antler hunting with our dogs provides all of this and more!


    One of the other great things about shed dog training and hunting is that there is a relatively low barrier to entry from a financial prospective.  For under $50 you can purchase the basic products to train a shed antler dog. Really you only need three basic products to start training.  First you need an shed dog instructional DVD or book so that you can follow along in the training of your dog, second you need some sort of training antlers (either soft or hard work great) for your dog to learn what they look like and feel like, and last but not least you need some sort of antler related scent to training your dog what an antlers smells like.  Scent is very important as your dog gets more advanced in finding antlers because dogs sense of smell is 100 times stronger than humans and once the training gets more advanced they will not be able to see the antler but will solely rely on “real” antlers scent in the woods.  Once you have started the shed antler training then there is a new level of products that can be purchased to assist you in the training process.  For example, we sell a professional level shed dog training kit, by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer that will provide more advanced training tools.

    In addition to being a low barrier to entry financially, we really love this sport because we can fully engage this with our families and friends.  After a long winter of being cooped up in the house it is awesome to get out in the woods in the spring with our families and friends and stretch our legs and get the dog some exercise.  Most antlered animals lose their antlers in the spring, so it is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the fruits of the spring that nature so magnificently produces and look for some of those antlers with your dog.  Kids also can participate in the antler finding process and will enjoy the process of searching just as much as the dog and family will.  We are big family people so this was a very important element to us.

    Of course, there is the added benefit is finding those shed antlers and knowing what type of deer are on the property you are hunting.  This is a huge benefit if you are big into quality deer management and are really hard core at measuring and monitoring what deer are on your property and which ones made it through the hunting season and hard winter.  The shed antlers that your dog finds can be even more powerful if you combine this effort with camera surveys and other management tools.  Our good friend Dr. Grant Woods has some awesome videos and info on how to run these survey’s if you want more information.

    Overall, we believe this sport is the perfect fit for folks that enjoy the outdoors and have a dog.  The other piece of good news is that there is no perfect type of dog that can find shed antlers.  Any dog that has some retriever instinct can be trained to find shed antlers.  Although labs are popular for this sport there is nothing special about them, any dog will can be great at this sport of shed antler hunting.

    What I am saying here is not just my opinion; it is proven by the huge increase in the number of people that are participating in the sport.  For example, the NASHDA (North American Shed Hunting Dog Association), which runs timed dog trials across the country saw an 400% increase in participants from 2011 to 2012.  This is a huge increase of growth in any sport and supports the fact that it a great blend of many passions of outdoors men and women around the country.  It is our opinion that the sky is the limit in shed dog training and hunting, and we are just thrilled that we can help the sport grow and be a part of it.

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