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Chillin At NASHDA- Behind the Scense 2013 Shed Dog Trials

One of the neatest aspects about the NASHDA (North American Shed Hunting Dog Association) events is the feeling that the competitors and attendees are there to help one another out and cheer each and their dogs on in the field work and the sidelines.  It is different from many other sporting events I have been to.  There is just a sense of community and willingness to build each other and their dogs up, instead of tear each other down.  I would say this is fairly common in the dog training and trial world but it seems even more present here!  What can I say Shed doggers rock and EverythingShedDog.com is proud to be apart of the shed antler dog training and trial community.

The Shed Dog Antler World!  NASHADA 2013 chillin Video!


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