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NASHDA Qualifiers At Deerfest for 2014 World Championships

We are excited to announce the dogs and owners that have qualified for the 2014 World NASHDA Championships at the qualifying shed hunting competition at Deerfest 2013.  As usual, EverythingShedDog.com is excited to sponsor the NASHDA series and play a part in this great sport that truly connects deer hunting, dogs, and owners (and is a ton of fun)!  What a list of qualifiers at this event, congratulations to all of those who qualified!  We will soon be releasing video and more pictures of this event, so check back often!

Fastest Time at Oshkosh, WI Deerfest- Tiffany Lakosky and Mattie May!

Lakosky- Shed Hunting- Mattie

Oshkosh Deer Fest Qualifiers for NASHDA 2014 World Championships:

  • Wayne Britt - Dexter Tracker
  • Mike Coppersmith - Copper
  • Ryan Grover - Bone Collector
  • Megan Harten - Remi
  • Breinne Krueger - Reddi
  • Tonette May - Junior
  • Sam and Mike McSpadden - Rack
  • Stackin Rue
  • Sam and Mike McSpadden - Shed Annie Sue
  • Shawn Packowski - Benelli
  • Aaron Palbrach - Kale
  • Brian Pekarek - Remi
  • Monica Redmond - Louie
  • Lori Schmelzer - Thunder
  • Jim Schock - Roscoe
  • Mike Stecker - Lexi
  • Ali Verges - Duke
  • Tiffany Lakosky - Mattie
  • Lee Lakosky - Tank
  • Josh Miller - Easton

Next Event: NASHDA 2014 World Qualifier and Junior Shed Dog Hunt Test - Game Fair - Anoka, Minnesota
August 10 & 17, 2013

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