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Game Fair NASHDA Results- Shed Dog Hunt Test

The NASHDA shed dog hunt test series rolled into Anoka, Minnesota for two weekend of great shed hunt test and adventure!  Many shed and general dog hunting enthusiast look forward to these two weeks as Anoka, MN transforms into a mecca for hunting enthusiast of all types of for two weekends in August since 1982!  That right, since 1982 the Game Fair has been a destination for both hunting manufactures and fans alike to check out all the new products and activities in the bird hunting industry!  The Game Fair is held on over 80 acres and was started by Chuck and Loral Delaney, this event as become a great event for hunters, manufactures, retailers, and even families.  The activities include: Game Calling, Dog Events, Kids events, archery Events (100 yard challange), speakers, seminars, and tons more!

Game Fair anoka minnesota

One thing we really love is guest are actually encouraged to bring their dogs, guns, and archery gear as there are events that attendees can participate in throughout the day.  This is any interactive event that has been around for over 33 years and is still growing!

Game Fair NASHDA- Remi and Hartman

Well the last few year Mr. Tom Dokken and the NASHDA crew have brought a NASHDA qualifying event to the Game Fair, which is a perfect fit for this type of event.  After running the event the last two weeks here is a list of the qualifiers that have made it to the 2014 World Shed Dog Championships on April 19-20 2014, at Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield, MN.

Anoka, Minnesota Game Fair Qualifiers for 2014 World Shed Dog Championships

  • Carli Ferron with "Savage"
  • Jennifer Kadrmas with "Bentley"
  • Josh Maas with "Marlin"
  • Aaron Zellmer with "Eli"

Congratulations guys on this awesome showing at the classic Game Fair! Thanks to NASHDA for letting us sponsor such a great event!

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