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Shed Dog Training Week 1- From a Dog's Prospective!

Dog Bone Shed Training Kit- Reba Reba with her new Dog Bone Soft Antler Training kit! Looks Excited!


First let me introduce myself, my name is Reba. I am a 2 year old British Lab. I am what they refer to as fox red in color. I am a happy, loving, family dog! I am getting the hang of upland bird hunting too. The hardest part is, up where I live there aren’t a lot of birds! I still have a blast and love getting out there! I also enjoy jumping off any dock I can find! I love swimming, playing Frisbee and of course snuggling!

Today in the mail I received The Dog Bone shed dog training kit! I am super excited! My mom already did a couple tosses for me. I brought them back but I really didn’t want to quit. Well mom is the boss!

So this morning mom got my fun, new toy out without me noticing. I was sniffing around the yard and mom suddenly threw it and said “find the bone”! I spun around and there it was! This is so fun! We played fetch with this great new toy for a while and mom was taking pictures. This must be a big deal! Mom decided it was time to take break. Funny how she does that when I decide to not bring the bone back as fast, and she has to remind me to give it to her!

Dog bone shed training system This bone is awesome!! Super pumped for this!


Well it is day three and Mom and I have been playing fetch with this thing she refers to as “the bone”! I love every minute of it! Sometimes she makes me stay before I get it and then sometimes she doesn’t. I think she’s testing my staying ability. I must say, most of the time I am pretty good at it! I love having something new to play with. I sometimes want to keep it to myself but I guess that’s not allowed. Mom says we’ll keep playing like this and that it will get even more fun in a few days. I wonder to myself, how can this get more fun? It is already amazing! I am eager to please so we’ll see just how good I can do!

NEW RELEASE: Dog Bone Shed Dog Training DVD by Jeremy Moore

It’s been several days now since I got my new toy. I got to go bird hunting this morning with Dad! We didn’t find any birds but I sure love being in the woods! Dad has to go to work so we didn’t get to stay too long. When I got home I took a little rest and then Mom got the new toy out! We played in the yard with it and had some more fun!

Mom says next time we play she will make it more exciting! She promised to engage more of senses! I hope it’s something smelly (shed antler training scent- coming next), I love to smell stuff! I’m really good at it! You should see me! Sometimes my folks tie a bird wing to a bumper and throw it so I can go find it. I wonder if this plan she has is anything like that. I’ll be sure to let you know!

Written By:

Sandy Apfel


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