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Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • Shed Dog Training Week 4- From a Dog's Prospective!

    This week has been so exciting! Mom introduced those new “bones” to me this week. She has let me play with all of them that came in that big box that I had a hard time leaving alone last week. I was so excited.

    Shed antler Training retreive

    I love these real “bones”! I have a hard time waiting; I want to grab them from Mom as soon as she has them! I want to keep them for myself sometimes too! Mom has to remind me to slow down. I have figured out that grabbing these “bones” is a little different from the original “bone” we played with. That one was soft and easy to grab. These new “bones” are hard. They have hard points on them too. I have figured out that I must approach slowly when I want to pick them up.

    I love the way they smell. I know that smell and am still working with the wind when I can’t see the “bones”. Mom sometimes has to command me to “fetch it up”. Sometimes I will run up to it and wonder if I should grab it, like I said they can be tricky. Mom encourages me to “fetch it up”! I then find a way to grab a hold of it.

    I bring the “bones” back to Mom and she has a special bag that she puts them in. I have tried to take them back out of that bag, but I guess that is kind of a no-no! I just know they are in there and want to take them out. Sometimes I would like to keep a “bone” for myself. I will go get it and run right past Mom. I have tried to lay down with it for a little chew. Mom doesn’t want me to do this. She reminds me to bring it to her and give. Once in a while she will let me hold it. She likes to take my picture when I do this.

    Shed antler dog

    I know where she keeps that special bag full of the “bones”! They are behind an extra door in the garage. When I get into the garage I like to check that door. Once in a while that will even get Mom to get them out to play!

    All of our snow has melted but I heard Mom telling my boy (that’s the little guy who lives in the house with us) that we’re going to get more tonight. I’m hoping we get to go play with the “bones” in the snow! I also like to help shovel. I catch the snow when they throw it and love to just run and jump in it! I’m thinking this upcoming week should be fun!

    Well, Mom says it’s time for my boy to get off the bus soon. That means it’s almost dinner time. I’ll let you know how much fun we have the snow!

  • Date Change: 2014 NASHDA World Championships, Now April 12th& 13th

    Everything Shed Dog NASHDA Championship


    Name: World Championships 2014 NASHDA (Invitational)!

    The dogs that will be invited to enter the 2014 Championship in April 2014 are the dogs that qualified at a NASHDA Qualifying Event from May 1, 2013 to April 11th, 2014.

    Location: Dokken’s Oak Ridge Kennel’s Northfield, Minnesota


    Date: April 12th-13th 2014 (new date)


    Nashda Awards Banquet Saturday, April 12th at the Historic Grand Event Centre - Northfield, Minnesota http://grandeventcenternorthfield.bellagala.com/

    *Note- This events dates have changed and was previously scheduled for April 19th & 20th.

  • Shed Dog Training Week 3- From a Dog's Prospective!

    Wow! This week has been so different playing with “the bone”! It seems when Mom takes me outside “the bone” is already out there. Sometimes it’s just lying in yard in the wide open. Other times it’s back in the woods. Now it’s not out there every time we go outside.

    Shed Dog training week 3

     Mom lets me know if I should be looking for it. She will say “let’s go find the bone! Can you find a bone?”  She then walks all around with me and makes sure I don’t forget what we’re doing, looking for the bone.  She still gets very excited when I find it and bring it back to her! I love that I can find it before her every time! Making her happy makes me happy and I am excited to play and work at finding “the bone”!

    One particular morning Mom told me to “find the bone”. We walked along the yard, and I ventured into the woods behind our house. Mom came with me and seemed to be looking harder than I was. This was different but you know what? I still found it first! She usually seems to know where we should look, but not on this day. I thought to myself “it’s ok Mom, I got this!”

    Sometimes after I find “the bone” Mom will still play fetch with me with it. We still play other games too, like ball. I also still go out bird hunting too. We haven’t been out much lately though.

    The other day Mom got the mail. There was a big box! It smelled so good, I couldn’t leave it alone. Mom opened the box and you’ll never believe what was in it! It was full of bones! They smelled amazing, they looked like “the bone” we play with now but something was different. They felt hard. I wonder if I will get to play with these bones too. Mom left the box on the chair in the kitchen for a little while and continued making dinner. She noticed I couldn’t leave it be. I kept walking over trying to figure out if I was allowed to play these bones. She then took the bones and put them in a big plastic bag and put them outside, in the garage I’m guessing. That’s where she keeps “the bone” we are playing with now.

    shed antler in the dogs mouth

    Well, I’m still curious if I’ll ever get to play with new bones. Oh well, I’ll keep playing and working with what Mom lets me. She is the boss after all. It’s fun either way! It’s snowing here this week. I like to play in the snow too. Sometimes when we go outside the ground is covered and completely white. Other times the snow has gone and we have leaves again. I have found “the bone” in both conditions so I’m ok with it either way!

    Right now it’s snowing again. Mom says we’re going to snuggle up inside for a while. I like that part of my day too!

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    Written By:

    Sandy Apfel


  • Shed Dog Training Week 2- From a Dog's Prospective!

    Reba, the British Lab, here again to let you know how our second week of shed antler retrieving training is going, I am still loving it! Mom has added a little something to “the bone”, as she calls it. “The bone” smells really interesting this week! I love smelling stuff. My nose takes me on a lot of fun adventures!

    We’ve been playing fetch this week. I love playing fetch with anything! The added antler scent of this toy makes it even more fun! Mom has started throwing “the bone” into the woods, just like when we work with a bumper and a bird wing! I sit and stay while Mom throws “the bone” across the yard or into the woods.

    Shed Dog Training- Week 2 Week 2- Of Shed Dog Training
    Reba, loving the Dog Bone kit!


    Sometimes when Mom throws it into the woods I don’t see where it lands. She asks me to “find the bone”! I know about where to look and my nose has been leading me to it! I even found it when it got stuck on a branch. I was able to reach right up and grab it for Mom! She was so proud! I love that I can impress her with my abilities!

    After we play in the woods for a while Mom will play in the yard with me again. She doesn’t seem quite as worried about me staying when we play in the yard. I like that sometimes I feel like I’m working and am rewarded by playing for fun. I love to work and to play! Sometimes I even get the two confused. It’s all fun to me and as long as I’m making Mom happy I’m happy too!

    Shed dog retreive training Retrieving the antler like an old shed dog pro in just 2 weeks! Nice work Reba!


    Mom started being a little tricky the last couple of days! Sometimes she has me stay and she walks away with “the bone”. She will then throw the bone where I can’t see it or see her throwing it. I have a general idea of wear it went as I have pretty good hearing! She comes back to me and then says “find the bone”! I have discovered that I can use the wind to help me smell out “the bone”! I make circles and when I catch that scent I’m on a mission! Once in a while I’ll come back to check with Mom and she encourages me to “find the bone”! Today Mom almost tricked me. She threw “the bone” into an area where she knows the deer hang out. I went right in after it. I had that smell all over and was searching hard! I was smelling branches and leaves and eventually slowed down and took my time. Guess what, I found it! Mom was so excited!

    We’ve been working all week this way! Mom seems happy with what I am doing and that makes me happy and it makes me try even harder! We did miss one day this week. It was so rainy I didn’t even like being outside for too long. I could tell Mom didn’t like it either! It’s getting colder out and is windy a lot! That’s ok though, I’m learning to use the wind!

    Mom says next week we will start trying something new. I will let you know what we’re up to then! I love having another way to play with Mom! She said next week Dad might even play, ah I mean work, with us!

    Written By:

    Sandy Apfel


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