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Shed Dog Training Week 2- From a Dog's Prospective!

Reba, the British Lab, here again to let you know how our second week of shed antler retrieving training is going, I am still loving it! Mom has added a little something to “the bone”, as she calls it. “The bone” smells really interesting this week! I love smelling stuff. My nose takes me on a lot of fun adventures!

We’ve been playing fetch this week. I love playing fetch with anything! The added antler scent of this toy makes it even more fun! Mom has started throwing “the bone” into the woods, just like when we work with a bumper and a bird wing! I sit and stay while Mom throws “the bone” across the yard or into the woods.

Shed Dog Training- Week 2 Week 2- Of Shed Dog Training
Reba, loving the Dog Bone kit!


Sometimes when Mom throws it into the woods I don’t see where it lands. She asks me to “find the bone”! I know about where to look and my nose has been leading me to it! I even found it when it got stuck on a branch. I was able to reach right up and grab it for Mom! She was so proud! I love that I can impress her with my abilities!

After we play in the woods for a while Mom will play in the yard with me again. She doesn’t seem quite as worried about me staying when we play in the yard. I like that sometimes I feel like I’m working and am rewarded by playing for fun. I love to work and to play! Sometimes I even get the two confused. It’s all fun to me and as long as I’m making Mom happy I’m happy too!

Shed dog retreive training Retrieving the antler like an old shed dog pro in just 2 weeks! Nice work Reba!


Mom started being a little tricky the last couple of days! Sometimes she has me stay and she walks away with “the bone”. She will then throw the bone where I can’t see it or see her throwing it. I have a general idea of wear it went as I have pretty good hearing! She comes back to me and then says “find the bone”! I have discovered that I can use the wind to help me smell out “the bone”! I make circles and when I catch that scent I’m on a mission! Once in a while I’ll come back to check with Mom and she encourages me to “find the bone”! Today Mom almost tricked me. She threw “the bone” into an area where she knows the deer hang out. I went right in after it. I had that smell all over and was searching hard! I was smelling branches and leaves and eventually slowed down and took my time. Guess what, I found it! Mom was so excited!

We’ve been working all week this way! Mom seems happy with what I am doing and that makes me happy and it makes me try even harder! We did miss one day this week. It was so rainy I didn’t even like being outside for too long. I could tell Mom didn’t like it either! It’s getting colder out and is windy a lot! That’s ok though, I’m learning to use the wind!

Mom says next week we will start trying something new. I will let you know what we’re up to then! I love having another way to play with Mom! She said next week Dad might even play, ah I mean work, with us!

Written By:

Sandy Apfel


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