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Shed Dog Training Week 3- From a Dog's Prospective!

Wow! This week has been so different playing with “the bone”! It seems when Mom takes me outside “the bone” is already out there. Sometimes it’s just lying in yard in the wide open. Other times it’s back in the woods. Now it’s not out there every time we go outside.

Shed Dog training week 3

 Mom lets me know if I should be looking for it. She will say “let’s go find the bone! Can you find a bone?”  She then walks all around with me and makes sure I don’t forget what we’re doing, looking for the bone.  She still gets very excited when I find it and bring it back to her! I love that I can find it before her every time! Making her happy makes me happy and I am excited to play and work at finding “the bone”!

One particular morning Mom told me to “find the bone”. We walked along the yard, and I ventured into the woods behind our house. Mom came with me and seemed to be looking harder than I was. This was different but you know what? I still found it first! She usually seems to know where we should look, but not on this day. I thought to myself “it’s ok Mom, I got this!”

Sometimes after I find “the bone” Mom will still play fetch with me with it. We still play other games too, like ball. I also still go out bird hunting too. We haven’t been out much lately though.

The other day Mom got the mail. There was a big box! It smelled so good, I couldn’t leave it alone. Mom opened the box and you’ll never believe what was in it! It was full of bones! They smelled amazing, they looked like “the bone” we play with now but something was different. They felt hard. I wonder if I will get to play with these bones too. Mom left the box on the chair in the kitchen for a little while and continued making dinner. She noticed I couldn’t leave it be. I kept walking over trying to figure out if I was allowed to play these bones. She then took the bones and put them in a big plastic bag and put them outside, in the garage I’m guessing. That’s where she keeps “the bone” we are playing with now.

shed antler in the dogs mouth

Well, I’m still curious if I’ll ever get to play with new bones. Oh well, I’ll keep playing and working with what Mom lets me. She is the boss after all. It’s fun either way! It’s snowing here this week. I like to play in the snow too. Sometimes when we go outside the ground is covered and completely white. Other times the snow has gone and we have leaves again. I have found “the bone” in both conditions so I’m ok with it either way!

Right now it’s snowing again. Mom says we’re going to snuggle up inside for a while. I like that part of my day too!

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Written By:

Sandy Apfel


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