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Shed Dog Training Week 4- From a Dog's Prospective!

This week has been so exciting! Mom introduced those new “bones” to me this week. She has let me play with all of them that came in that big box that I had a hard time leaving alone last week. I was so excited.

Shed antler Training retreive

I love these real “bones”! I have a hard time waiting; I want to grab them from Mom as soon as she has them! I want to keep them for myself sometimes too! Mom has to remind me to slow down. I have figured out that grabbing these “bones” is a little different from the original “bone” we played with. That one was soft and easy to grab. These new “bones” are hard. They have hard points on them too. I have figured out that I must approach slowly when I want to pick them up.

I love the way they smell. I know that smell and am still working with the wind when I can’t see the “bones”. Mom sometimes has to command me to “fetch it up”. Sometimes I will run up to it and wonder if I should grab it, like I said they can be tricky. Mom encourages me to “fetch it up”! I then find a way to grab a hold of it.

I bring the “bones” back to Mom and she has a special bag that she puts them in. I have tried to take them back out of that bag, but I guess that is kind of a no-no! I just know they are in there and want to take them out. Sometimes I would like to keep a “bone” for myself. I will go get it and run right past Mom. I have tried to lay down with it for a little chew. Mom doesn’t want me to do this. She reminds me to bring it to her and give. Once in a while she will let me hold it. She likes to take my picture when I do this.

Shed antler dog

I know where she keeps that special bag full of the “bones”! They are behind an extra door in the garage. When I get into the garage I like to check that door. Once in a while that will even get Mom to get them out to play!

All of our snow has melted but I heard Mom telling my boy (that’s the little guy who lives in the house with us) that we’re going to get more tonight. I’m hoping we get to go play with the “bones” in the snow! I also like to help shovel. I catch the snow when they throw it and love to just run and jump in it! I’m thinking this upcoming week should be fun!

Well, Mom says it’s time for my boy to get off the bus soon. That means it’s almost dinner time. I’ll let you know how much fun we have the snow!

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