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What is NASHDA Shed Dog Trials? Are They Right For Your Dog? Yes!

We often get questions emailed to us about what NASHDA is and who can or should compete....well we wanted to address these questions for everyone.  If you ever need more information never hesitate to email us, we are here to grow the sport and support those in the shed hunting community!

      NASHDA... What is NASHDA?  Who can compete?  Who Should Compete in NASHDA Shed Dog Events?  Who is Ready to Join NASHDA?

NASHDA’s goal is to create a fun event for those looking to use their dogs to find shed antlers. Our Qualifying Events run from May 1st to the season ending World Shed Dog Championship in April.

Qualifying events will be set during the season to give dogs a chance to Qualify for that season ending NASHDA World Shed Dog Championship. In qualifying events, the dogs will compete against a standard and not each other to receive a Qualifying ribbon. Once a dog receives a Qualifying ribbon they will be invited to enter the World Shed Dog Championship at the end of that season.

Qualifying events may also be listed as a Shed Dog Hunt test. For the hunt test, the dogs compete against the Qualifying standard and not each other. Dogs that Qualify at an event marked a NASHDA Shed Dog Hunt Test will earn a NASHDA Shed Hunting Dog Junior leg/ribbon. Once a dog receives 6 leg/ribbons they will receive a NASHDA Junior Shed Hunting Dog certificate. Junior in the NASHDA hunt test division is a description of course difficulty, not age of the dog. We hope, as we gain more interest, to add more levels of difficulty to the courses. This will create more NASHDA certificate levels.

The World Shed Dog Championship is an invitational event. A dog must qualify during the current season to be invited to enter the World Shed Dog Championship. At the Championship, the dogs compete against each other for trophies and prizes. Dogs in this event are put into three categories: Junior (dogs under two years of age), Amateur Handler (for Amateur Handlers only) and Open (Professional and Amateur Handlers).

A Qualifying course is set up with 6 hidden sheds. The judge will post the time length that the sheds must be found in. Since the courses vary from site to site in size and cover the judge will post the time at the event on the day of the event. Please see the rules for more general information on finding and retrieving of the sheds.

We hope this gives you a general idea of our NASHDA events. If you have further questions please contact us. Again, our goal is to set up fun events for people to enjoy working with their dogs.

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Membership includes:

NASHDA 2015 Qualifying Event Rules

NASHDA on Facebook
NASHDA is on Facebook!

Items to bring with you to registration/event:

  1. Dog’s travel crate.
  2. Bowl and Food and water
  3. Collars, leash. Please have your dog leashed.
  4. Vaccination Certificate showing current:
    1. Rabies
    2. DHPP
  5. Reminder: In Season Females can not compete.
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