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Press Releases- Everything Shed Dog

  • For Immediate Release- New Polaris Ranger Specific Ecommerce Website!

    New Website Creates a Unique Shopping Experience in Powersports Industry

    GearUp2Go announced the launch of a sister-site built to provide a niche market of Polaris Ranger fans and owners with a unique shopping experience. The website offers accessories as well as resources and an online community.


    Appleton, WI March 25, 2015 – GearUp2Go announced the official launch of a new sister-site that is designed specifically for owners and fans of the Polaris Ranger utility terrain vehicle (UTV).

    “We have a lot of UTV customers, but particularly owners and riders of Polaris Rangers,” commented Michael Lutes, Business Operations Manager of GearUp2Go. “We felt there was a gap within the industry for shopping experiences that went above and beyond to create something special that was geared specifically toward these buyers.”

    As the name suggests, www.EverythingPolarisRanger.com is about everything related to Polaris Rangers. It provides a unique online shopping experience for the niche market of Polaris Ranger UTV riders through a simplified product offering, intuitive navigation and loyalty program. Buyers can quickly search for products and filter the results without sifting through accessories un-related to their machine.

    The website has a clean, non-cluttered design that is mobile friendly. Visitors can shop for UTV accessories specific to Polaris Ranger models as well as other popular UTV products that are guaranteed to fit Polaris Rangers. Free resources, including product reviews, rider experience stories, tips, how-to guides and new product release information are available to both visitors and members.

    “I’m excited about the launch of this new website,” Lutes stated. “It’s been in the works for a long time and we’re eager to see how well it can do. This site is kind of our test pilot. If it performs as well as we think it will, we anticipate following up with additional UTV or ATV specific websites.”

    The www.EverythingPolarisRanger.com website will co-exist with www.GearUp2Go.com as a complement to the company’s current offerings. Future plans for the site include additional product offerings for “Parts” and “Maintenance” categories of products.


    For more information about this topic, please contact Jen Stickney at jstickney@gearup2go.com or visit www.gearup2go.com. GearUp2Go is an online ecommerce company providing parts, accessories and gear within the powersports industry. Everything Polaris Ranger (EPR) is a member of the Everything E-Com suite of companies, which is owned and operated by the presiding members of GearUp2Go, LLC.

  • EverythingShedDog.com- Chosen For Exclusive SportDOG Retail Group!

    SportDOG and PetSafe is drastically changing the way it sells online and EverythingGunDog.com and EverythingShedDog.com was carefully selected as one of the few approved dealers.  We estimate less than 5% (under 100 total)of current SportDOG online retails were approved so we are honored to be this is exclusive group!  We have been selected because of our true commitment to helping and serving our customers and 100% stand behind everything we sell- that is fact!  We are super excited about this and it will help even further serve our hunting dog customers that so loyally use SportDOG products.

    Authorized SportDOG Retailer                                            Authorized PetSafe Retailer

    Offical Authorization Letter From SportDOG:

    Dear Everything Ecom LLC / Everything Gun Dog,

    Thank you for becoming an Authorized Retailer for PetSafe and SportDOG branded products.   We have changed our strategy for 2013 and have reduced the total number of authorized resellers to make sure our brands are represented in quality selling environments and offer the best possible support and experience to the consumer.


    Everything Shed Dog Logo

    Everything Shed Dog                                                                   For Immediate Release
    Appleton, WI
    1-800-318-4812 Office

    We are very excited to bring you the world’s first and only webstore dedicated exclusively to products utilized in shed antler hunting with a gun dog, www.EverythingShedDog.com. We are your authority when it comes to Everything Shed Dogs! We carry all the major brands of products such as Dokken Shed Training Products, Dog Bone, Remington, SportDog, Tri-trontics and others. In addition to the widest assortment of shed dog hunting products, we will provide you useful information on our sport, tips by the pros, National Shed Hunting Club, and follow the North American Shed Dog Hunting Association trial series.


    We are focusing on quality, not quantity. Any product or brand that we carry on Everything Shed Dog was been personally used by us or our pro staff has endorsed this products as top quality and reliable. We do not want to be everything to everyone, but the highest quality outlet for products and information associated with shed dog hunting! -


    www.everythingsheddog.com is the first and largest e-commerce retailer dedicated to helping other shed hunting fanatics carry out their mission of finding more shed by offering only top quality Shed Dog accessories.  We pride ourselves on being entrenched in the shed dog hunting community with full understanding of the lifestyle.



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