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Shed Antler Hunting Pictures

  • The Shed Antler You Would Never Find- That’s Why We use Dogs

    8 point Shed Buck

    Shed hunting is hard, even the most experienced shed hunter has a difficult time finding every shed in the woods.  Having a well-trained shed dog to take on your next journey into the woods after shed will increase your shed finding ability almost 50%.  Think of it this way, there are 3 major benefits of having a well-trained shed dog:

    1. If you walk a mile looking for sheds, making a zig zag pattern through the woods you might find 1-2 sheds, but if you figure for every 1 mile you walk your dog runs 3 miles, you are tripling the amount of area that you can cover in the same time and hopefully tripling the amount of sheds you find.
    2. Your dog has a better nose then you do.  You could walk past shed after shed as you stroll through the woods, they could be buried in the snow, cover in leaves or they could just blend in with a small bush and you would never see them. But your dog is using its nose so finding sheds in the snow or under leaves shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    Your dog can get into to those places that you can’t or don’t want to get into, like those pesky brier patches, thick fence lines, and brush piles where the big bucks like to hang out. The thicker the area the generally the hard it is for a person to successfully find sheds, but with a shed dog this task becomes a lot easier.

    By Shed Dog Trainer,
    Rick Schmitz
    Hortonville, WI
  • 2013 Shed Antler Pictures!

    19327_4145995294181_622515014_n   Whitetail Shed Antler

    Whitetail Shed Antler   Double shed Antlers

    735031_4129282516372_1088185158_n  602789_10151262239369092_1965963026_n (1)




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