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Whitetail Management

  • Shed Dogs and Antlers Yield Solid Deer Management Insights

    Deer hunting is now over in most of the country and shed hunting season is the next place us crazy deer hunters and land managers are turning our attention!  Well, using a shed dog to find antlers can be a valuable tool in managing your properties for monster bucks!  Shed dog training is wildly growing in popularity for tons of reasons but the management insight it adds is invaluable!  Not to mention is tons of fun and get you out of the cabin when there is not much else going on in the woods.

    Solid Shed Antler Proof:

    It is undeniable proof that if you find a shed antler of a buck, it has lived through the toughest part of the winter and you should have a chance to hunt it next year.  There is no better proof that the monster you have gotten so close to has actually made it through the hunting season….the neighbors didn’t kill him….it didn’t get hit by a truck…he didn’t die of old age or some other type of dieses.  HE IS ALVIE!!!

    Shed Antlers Are Proof of Travel, Feeding, and Bedding Areas:

    Finding an antler in an area is undeniably a please that deer has traveled and will most likely continue to travel.  Assuming there was no pressure that made that deer travel to that area, then it is fair to assume the place you found the antler is part of that monster’s home range.  It is very likely that you will also be able to tell what type of area it is for that deer based on your knowledge of deer in the area or possible even in conjunction with trail cam videos.  Depending on where you find the antler the area could be a bedding area, feeding area, or a travel corridor.

    Shed Antlers Help Score Deer:

    It is hard to score deer on hoof or by trail camera…now many people claim they can, and granted some are very good at it, but one thing no one can argue with is proof.  Antlers provide hard tangible evidence that your approximate score of that animal was within the range of accurate.  And if you are lucky enough to find a match set of that deer then you are even closer to the promise land of establishing a realistic gross Boone and Crockett score of that Deer.

    More Antlers More Deer Herd Management Info:

    All of these advantages of having the antlers provide management insights with or without a shed dog but what a shed dog does is allows you to collect a much larger data sample…which is just more shed antlers in this case.  Shed dogs keen noes allow them to find antlers that humans eyes would certainly have walked right by in the woods.  The extra antlers you will find with using a trained shed dog in conjunction with other management tools (such as trail cameras and surveys) will yield you a much better holistic view of the deer herd you have on your property or wherever you hunt!  So if you have not looked into training a dog to find deer shed antlers, now is the time!

  • How Shed Antler Dogs Can Help you Manage your Whitetail Property

    The elusive whitetail deer that are on your property are hard to keep track of and manage, but with the assistance of a well-trained shed antler dog, this can become a lot easier to collect physical evidence and data on your deer herd, what better proof is there of big bucks than having the shed antlers?  Shed dogs can find the antlers that quality deer managers will miss all day by walking right by them.  A dog’s scent is close to 100 times greater than the normal humans so a properly trained shed dog can find 10 times more shed antlers than what most humans could ever find.  This gives the deer manager valuable insight to what deer are on the property and where there bedding and feeding area are.

    Giant Whitetail Deer

    Knowing what deer made it through the winter and what areas of the property the deer are using allows you to make better management decisions, such as where to put food plots, where to put watering holes, and where to plant warm season grasses for cover.  If you use the shed antler data to make your decisions on locating key elements of deer habitat, often times will reduce the amount of stress the deer experience and offer them your property as the best alternative to any neighboring property, hence increase the herd size and genetics through your deer management.  This all starts with finding the most shed antlers with your shed antler dog you can so you can collect that data, which in this case is the shed antlers.

    In conjunction to shed antler dogs helping manage your property, In my previous life I sold hunting and farm real estate in Illinois so I saw firsthand on many occasions the value of having shed antlers to prove to someone that a piece of hunting property held huge whitetails.  This not only was proof of these deer but it would often times validate an asking price on a piece of property or entice someone to pay just a little extra based on what the shed antler dog would find.  It was always fun to pull out those giant sheds to impress a buyer of a hunting property and watch their eyes light up and start to salivate!  Producing these shed was a product of intense management and using a antler dog to find the proof.

    When it comes to quality deer management technics a shed dog can sure add a lot of dimension to managing your whitetail property.  They are just another tool in the management bag, and in our opinion a very important one because of the validation they bring to what is really growing on your property. To learn more about training your antler dog training products and shed dog training books and shed dog training DVD, you can do it yourself and start managing your hunting property better today!

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