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  • Dog Bone Hunter Releases New Game Recovery Dog Training System!

    Dog Bone and Professional Trainer and owner, Jeremy Moore, released a new product in the last 24 hours that will assist you training any dog to follow the scent of a wounded or deceased deer or other big game animals to recover every animal you shoot.  Every hunter has lost a deer and knows how devastating that is and this system will take care of that by giving you the proper tools and system to train your dog to track and recovery that big game animal in almost any situation, cover, or weather.  This deer dog game recovery system has the ability to change the hunting game for millions of hunters that take to the woods every year to attempt to harvest a big game animal. This system takes advantage of a dogs keen sense of smell and allows you to just follow that training dog to the large game that is wounded or deceased.  It is that simple, buy the system, train the dog, find more whitetail deer!Wounded Deer tracking system

    One of the best aspects of this training system is the how easy Jeremy made it to follow.  Basically anyone can train their dog to effectively track and find the wounded deer.  The game recover system kit includes all the products you will need and a easy to follow, step by step, guide to the entire training process. Like all the other Dog Bone Products, this kit is made up the highest quality products and components and is a great value.  What other sport can you get into for less than $35 and give you the piece of mind of having a dog able to find your next downed whitetail?  Not many!Game Recovery Dog Training


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