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game recovery dog training

  • Dog Bone Owner/Founder Bio- Jeremy Moore

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    Jeremy Moore is an owner of Moore Outdoors which produces the Dog Bone Shed Dog Training Products line. Jeremy started training retrievers 13 years ago with his background being in retriever and gun dog training (more specifically, an English style of retriever training) Over the past 5 years Jeremy has focused his training efforts, almost exclusively to working dogs on game recovery (blood tracking/trailing) and shed hunting. Jeremy is a year round whitetail enthusiast and spends much of his fall working with one of the Midwest’s elite outfitters, Bluff Bucks Outfitters in Buffalo Cty Wisconsin. While spending much of his falls and springs in Buffalo County at Bluff Bucks, he is able to expose his pups in training to the “real thing” when it comes to getting pups started on tracking and shed hunting. Jeremy is not a kennel, nor a boarding facility, but instead trains a select and limited number of dogs for clients each year. Jeremy's training methods promote the use of positive reinforcement to form good habits early on that transition into the field later on in more formal training. He uses very little negative pressure in any of his training and almost no force which results in very biddable or willing to please partner. (No force anything, no e-collars, etc)

    Jeremy designed the DogBone Shed Dog Training products to allow you to train your new pup or previously trained retrievers to hunt for and retrieve shed antlers regardless of age or breed. His training methods and the style of his training system is built to cater to the amateur handler that is looking to produce a reliable, proficient, hunting partner.

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