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Shed dog

  • EverythingShedDog.com To Host Deer Fest NASHDA Event, Aug 9th 2014!

    EverythingShedDog.com is proud to announce that we are going to be hosting and running the Deer Fest Expo, West Bend Wisconsin NASHDA event for 2014, NAHSDA is the North American Shed Hunting Dog Association.  The event is August 9th at the Washington County Fair Park, West Bend WI.  ENTRY FORM CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE:

    2015 NASHDA World Championship Qualifying Event (Entry Form Can Be Downloaded Here)
    NASHDA Junior and Senior Hunt Test
    Date: Saturday August 9, 2014 (entry forms must be postmarked by Aug 1st)
    Time: 9:00 am
    Location: Deer Fest Expo Washington County Fair Park, West Bend WI
    Contact: Michael Lutes 800-318-4812 mtlutes@everythinggundog.com
    Website: www.deerfestwi.com  www.everythingsheddog.com

    EverythingShedDog.com has been a long time sponsor and supporter of NASHDA.  It is such a great organization and does a ton of good work to grow the sport of shed dog hunting and training.  It is just fun to get out in the field with other shed dog owners and trainers and see the dogs work and have fun.  These events are competitions but more than that is about having a good time and improving on your personal goals for you and your shed dog.  If you have never been to a shed dog trial, please come out to Deer Fest 2014 and see what it is all about, we promise you will have a good time and we can show you the ropes.  If you want to try a NASHDA event but can't make it to the Deer Fest Event, click here for a schedule of other NASHDA events around the country.

    EverythingShedDog.com will also have a booth set up in the vendor area and will be selling shed dog training products, general hunting dog training products, and giving away some fun products for you dog lovers.  More than anything we enjoy getting out among our customers and folks in that love to hunt to talk about shed dog training and help introduce and grow the sport of shed dogs.

    2013 Deer Fest Photos:

    DeerFest 2013 Crowd

    Shed Dog NASHDA Qualifier- Reddi

    Dog Bone Kids Shed area

    Everything Shed Dog Deerfest Booth

  • Game Fair NASHDA Results- Shed Dog Hunt Test

    The NASHDA shed dog hunt test series rolled into Anoka, Minnesota for two weekend of great shed hunt test and adventure!  Many shed and general dog hunting enthusiast look forward to these two weeks as Anoka, MN transforms into a mecca for hunting enthusiast of all types of for two weekends in August since 1982!  That right, since 1982 the Game Fair has been a destination for both hunting manufactures and fans alike to check out all the new products and activities in the bird hunting industry!  The Game Fair is held on over 80 acres and was started by Chuck and Loral Delaney, this event as become a great event for hunters, manufactures, retailers, and even families.  The activities include: Game Calling, Dog Events, Kids events, archery Events (100 yard challange), speakers, seminars, and tons more!

    Game Fair anoka minnesota

    One thing we really love is guest are actually encouraged to bring their dogs, guns, and archery gear as there are events that attendees can participate in throughout the day.  This is any interactive event that has been around for over 33 years and is still growing!

    Game Fair NASHDA- Remi and Hartman

    Well the last few year Mr. Tom Dokken and the NASHDA crew have brought a NASHDA qualifying event to the Game Fair, which is a perfect fit for this type of event.  After running the event the last two weeks here is a list of the qualifiers that have made it to the 2014 World Shed Dog Championships on April 19-20 2014, at Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield, MN.

    Anoka, Minnesota Game Fair Qualifiers for 2014 World Shed Dog Championships

    • Carli Ferron with "Savage"
    • Jennifer Kadrmas with "Bentley"
    • Josh Maas with "Marlin"
    • Aaron Zellmer with "Eli"

    Congratulations guys on this awesome showing at the classic Game Fair! Thanks to NASHDA for letting us sponsor such a great event!

  • How Shed Antler Dogs Can Help you Manage your Whitetail Property

    The elusive whitetail deer that are on your property are hard to keep track of and manage, but with the assistance of a well-trained shed antler dog, this can become a lot easier to collect physical evidence and data on your deer herd, what better proof is there of big bucks than having the shed antlers?  Shed dogs can find the antlers that quality deer managers will miss all day by walking right by them.  A dog’s scent is close to 100 times greater than the normal humans so a properly trained shed dog can find 10 times more shed antlers than what most humans could ever find.  This gives the deer manager valuable insight to what deer are on the property and where there bedding and feeding area are.

    Giant Whitetail Deer

    Knowing what deer made it through the winter and what areas of the property the deer are using allows you to make better management decisions, such as where to put food plots, where to put watering holes, and where to plant warm season grasses for cover.  If you use the shed antler data to make your decisions on locating key elements of deer habitat, often times will reduce the amount of stress the deer experience and offer them your property as the best alternative to any neighboring property, hence increase the herd size and genetics through your deer management.  This all starts with finding the most shed antlers with your shed antler dog you can so you can collect that data, which in this case is the shed antlers.

    In conjunction to shed antler dogs helping manage your property, In my previous life I sold hunting and farm real estate in Illinois so I saw firsthand on many occasions the value of having shed antlers to prove to someone that a piece of hunting property held huge whitetails.  This not only was proof of these deer but it would often times validate an asking price on a piece of property or entice someone to pay just a little extra based on what the shed antler dog would find.  It was always fun to pull out those giant sheds to impress a buyer of a hunting property and watch their eyes light up and start to salivate!  Producing these shed was a product of intense management and using a antler dog to find the proof.

    When it comes to quality deer management technics a shed dog can sure add a lot of dimension to managing your whitetail property.  They are just another tool in the management bag, and in our opinion a very important one because of the validation they bring to what is really growing on your property. To learn more about training your antler dog training products and shed dog training books and shed dog training DVD, you can do it yourself and start managing your hunting property better today!

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