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whitetail recovery

  • Game Recovery Dog Training System by Dog Bone- Why It Works!

    Tracking and recovering a wounded deer can be one of the hardest jobs a hunter has to do, but with the new Game Recovery Dog Training System by Dog Bone it has become much more formalized and easy to accomplish with any gun dog.  It seems as if the weather is always fighting us and the shot was good but there just isn't enough blood to clearly establish a good trail.   So there we sit in the middle of the woods in the dark and rain or snow and wishing there was an easier way, or better yet a miracle would be great.  At times it can seem like an impossible task.

    no-blood- no-problem

    Main Problems With Whitetail Blood Tracking:

    1. Lack of good blood trail

    2. Blood trail is too sparse to follow successfully

    3. Human Eyes are not accustom to seeing blood vs other debris

    4. Rain Washes away the blood trail

    5. Snow hides the blood in small amounts

    Main Advantages With Game Recovery Tracking Dogs:

    1. Dogs are guided by smell, not sight- blood trail is not relevant

    2. Our eyes are not necessary to see the trail and guide dogs

    3. Rain does not diminish the blood trail

    4. Snow does not diminish the blood trail

    Well, this impossible situation is the problem but we are here to help with.  We are offering a new game recovery dog training system by Dog Bone Products that will allow your dog to use 100% of their capabilities to track down and find your wounded deer.  This deer tracking system using the amazing abilities of of a dog noise to scent out and track the smell of the deer and the blood trial.  This task that seemed almost insurmountable now can become a fun and easy task.  Beyond having great noises dogs also have the ability to go almost anywhere.  Dogs can get under branches and limbs easier and get through barriers without getting cut and scratched as us human would most certain would.


    One of the coolest parts of this deer dog training and tracking system is that it was fully designed for the normal consumer to train their dog, so you don't need to be a professional trainer to use this game recovery system kit.  The kit comes complete with everything you need to training a deer tracking dog.  It has a real piece of deer hide to get your dog accustomed to the scent and texture of the deer hide.  It also comes with the deer blood to train your dog to sniff out and trial any wounded or dead deer.  Last but not least is a complete manual and detailed directions for using the training systems. It is all here, easy to follow and ready to start training on the day the kit arrives.  Jeremy Moore, owner and Game Recovery inventor, sure did a great job at thinking through the development of this system and making it effective and easy to use.

    When the time comes and you shoot a deer all the work and effort that you put into training your dog to track deer will be all worth it.  As you are telling the story of how you shoot and found that 200+ Inch Boone and Crockett buck by the fireplace with a glass of great scotch, you can point to your dog that lead you to tracking, trailing, and finding that awesome deer!

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