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Training Dummies / Bumpers

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    $5.99 $10.99

    The Puppy Canvas Training Dummy by Remington helps teach your young dog the skills needed to be the best hunting dog.  This puppy bumper comes in hunter green or natural canvas and is strong and durable and built to last with it's canvas material and clean-cut finshed edges.  

  2. 1495.95 $1,495.95
    If you are a dog trainer or an individual that just wants the most advanced tools, you have found the perfect most advanced dog training tool in the last 25 years. This drone will fundamentally change the way you train your dogs.
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    $24.99 $27.77

    Get your dog used to a nice large Canvasback with this Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer retrieving duck! 

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    $24.99 $28.99

    This is a great training duck for the size and for anyone that is going to be hunting Redheads!   This is a realistic duck and your dog will be training with every retrieve.

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    $24.99 $27.77

    Orange body makes it great for Blind work for your Hunting Dog.  Dokken developed the Dead Fowl Trainer to teach dogs how to properly hold and carry all game birds.  A must have training tool for all hunting dog owners!

  6. Sale
    $24.99 $27.77

    Train all year with the Dead Fowl Wood Duck by Dokken to get your Hunting dog ready for the fall. There is nothing more realistic than the Dead Fowl Wood Duck Trainer, when you have the proper weight, shape, size, look, and smell, and it trains on every retrieve.  The wood duck is a great dummy to for beginning dogs or more advanced dogs.  It is small enough for a starter training but large enough for more advanced hunting dogs that have been around the block.  We would certainly recommend all hunters with dogs have one of these Dead Fowl Trainer dummies.

  7. Sale
    $24.99 $27.77

    The classic Dokken Dead Fowl trainer mallard dummy D-100!  The most popular training tool on the market.

  8. Sale
    $32.99 $36.65

    Dokken Bufflehead trainer launcher dummy is the perfect training tool for your hunting dog!  This launching dummy will work with Retriev-R Trainer, Lucky Launcher, and Hallmark Tech-Launcher.

  9. Sale
    $22.99 $25.55

    A great size for puppies and smaller dogs with all of the features of the full size mallard. Never be without this Deadfowl trainer, whether for fun retrieves or serious training. There is no better retrieving dummy on the market.

  10. Sale
    $22.99 $25.55

    This puppy teal is ideal for training puppies to hold dead fowl trainers in the middle for the proper hold while not shaking their head.

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