Electronic Training Collars (Ecollars)

Electronic training collars, like most electronic products, have made major advances in technology over the last five years. Ecollars have become smaller, with more features and at a lower cost. The vast array of brands, models and features of ecollars in the market can be overwhelming. At EverythingShedDog, we believe sometime less is more. Through our own experience and extensive research, we have narrowed down our ecollar selection to just a hand-full of higher quality ecollars at a couple different feature and price levels that will cover 90% of the dogs out there.

If you are looking for Ecollar accessories such as Tracer Lights, Charging Accessories, Replacement Receivers, Replacement Collars, and more.....visit our sister site for a full line of Ecollar Accessories: www.EverythingGunDog.com