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Mountain Mike's Shed Spreader Kit MMR SS

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Mountain Mike's Shed Spreader displays your deer antlers in a natural-bone produced skull plate. Complete with 2 different skull plates, different sized antlers will be able to fit. All of the tools needed to construct the plates is included. Professionally display your antlers in a mess-free hassle-free way.
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Mountain Mike's Shed Spreader is perfect for mounting your deer antlers of any size. This kit comes with 2 different natural-bone replicated mounting skull plates to fit large or small deer antlers. Hardware to construct these skull plates is included.


Maybe you broke a skull plate of one of your trophies or you'd like to mount a set of sheds on a spare cape? The shed spreader gives you a skull plate to attach them to so you or your taxidermist can attach them to a taxidermy form just like standard antler skull plates. They also work great on antler plaque mounts!

Mountain Mike's Shed Spreader Features and Benefits:

  • Contains 2 differently sized skull plates to fit different sized deer antlers
  • Natural-bone replicated
  • Includes equipment to construct 
  • Great for mounting deer antlers 

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