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Pro Shed Antler Dog Training Kit by Dokken Shed Dog Trainers

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Everything you need to take your Shed dog to the next level in finding those trophy antlers!  This kit was designed by us to include everything we use to train our shed antler hunting dogs.  There is the every level of training product, you can literally start training a brand new puppy or a experienced field trial dogs and you will have all the products you will need for both situations.  All of these products are top quality and designed by one of the guru's Tom Dokken, he as been training champion shed field trial dogs for years and has used these exact same products to create winning dogs.  There is no doubt if you have this shed dog training kit and put the time into fully following Mr. Dokken's program, you will have a pro shed hunting dog!

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  • SKU: Pro Shed Dog Training Kit

Everything you need to create a absolutely amazing shed hunting dog!  It doesn't matter if you just decided to take up training your dog to find huge horns or you have an experienced dog that you are just taking to the next level, this kit has everything you need at all levels.  This is shed dog training at its best by Mr. Dokken, there is nothing you won't use in this kit in any given training season.

Pro Shed Dog Training Kit Includes:

(1) Shed Dog Training DVD by Tom Dokken SA-DVD

This DVD will teach you how to introduce your dog to shed hunting using Tom Dokken's very own essential drills, equipment, and tips.

  • Introduces your dog to shed antlers
  • Easy to follow training instruction
  • Explains entire Shed Dog Trainer line of training products
  • Establishes affective Shed hunting drills 
  • Shed Hunting Drills re-enforce basic skills to find shed antlers
  • Introduces required training equipment and how to use
  • Shed antler scent and sight training 

(1) Genuine Shed Antler (Large) by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-ATL

 With the Dokken Genuine Shed Antler your dog will be ready for the hunt.

  • Real whitetail Shed Antler by Dokken
  • great for older shed dogs or more experienced shed dogs this antler will keep them eager for hunting.
  • Perfect for scent identification training
  • Great antler size for your dog to train with
  • A must have training tool

(1) Shed Rack Wax (Scent) by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-RWX

 Apply Shed Dog Wax to antlers for training shed dogs to detect actual scent of deer antlers. 

  • Train your Shed dog with the enhanced scent of shed antlers.
  • Package looks like a chapstick tube
  • Compact tube to fit in your pocket so you can be on the go.

(1) Dokken Shed Antler Training Handbook SA-BKP

Step by Step handbook on the best way to train your shed dog to get those Trophy antlers.

  • Deer antler, Moose and Elk hunting guide.
  • If you have a hunting breed or another type of dog, this handbook will train them all.
  • Teach yourself how best to train your Shed dog.

(1) Genuine Shed Antler (small) by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-ATS

Start training your amateur shed dog or new puppy with this small shed antler.

  • Perfect starter size antler
  • Real Whitetail shed antler for perfect scent
  • Perfect size for puppies or dogs just starting shed dog training
(1) Large Plastic Shed Training Antler With Pre-filled Rack Wax Scent Chamber by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-PTAS

Perfect for training your shed dog as a beginner or more advanced training drills, this antler will allow them to continue to gain confidence.

  • Will float in water
  • Pre-filled Rack Wax Scented Antler
  • Perfect for sight and scent training
  • Extremely realistic antler with scent
  • Used with puppies and adults
  • Light weight, strong, durable
  • Great size and shape antler, perfect weight for training


(1) Dokken's Shed Antler Rack Markers (150 ft Roll) SA-MRK

Insure easy location of shed antlers when training your dog with the red vinyl Rack Marker

  • 150Ft per roll
  • Vinyl Material
  • Red color not visible to dogs

(1) 7 Inch Shed Dog Rack Rope with Throwing Grip by Dokken Dog Trainer SA-RRP

Your arm will thank you after a long day of throwing your shed antlers while training your dog.

  • 7 inch orange rope with a hard plastic ball at the end.
  • Will work with real or plastic antlers
  • ensures accuracy of your throw
  • arrows you to throw the antlers further
  • great training tool
(1) Shed Antler Large Silhouette by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-SLH

One of the first steps of shed dog training is training your dog visually so they can learn what a shed is.
  • 1 very large and oversized.
  • 2 slightly small but stil oversized.
  • Quickly build confidence in you and your dog.
 (1) Shed Antler Rack Wash By Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-WSH
Get the most realistic training session by using this wash.
  • Keep your antlers free from human scent.
  • Great for training your dog or puppy so they dont get confused.
  • Makes your training antlers smell as realistic as possible


(1) Shed Dog Rack Washer 5 Gallon Bucket with Lid by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-WSR

Store and wash your antlers in this specially designed lid and bucket

  • Store your antlers to keep them scent free
  • Wash your antlers in the bucket


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