Tom Dokken Shed Dog Training Handbook SA-BKP

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This shed dog training handbook is a great guide that will provide you step by step instruction for both you and  your dog.  It is a very practical and easy to understand book and training system.  This softback book is the standard in the shed dog world and will provide you with everything you need to get your dog ready for shed hunting season.  Both shed dog sight training and shed dog scent training are covered thoroughly by Jerry Thomas and Tom Dokken as they teach you step by step how to get your dog perfectly conditioned for finding those big whitetail buck and bull antlers. 



The Shed Antler Training Handbook by experienced trainer Tom Dokken is the perfect guidebook to teach you how to train your dog to find shed antlers. This shed dog training book is a quick and easy read that uses the best tactics and techniques to get you dog started finding shed antlers by sight and then by scent. Jerry Thomas and Tom Dokken teach you step by step to condition you dog to retrieve those prized antler racks so you can find out exactly what kind of bucks are roaming around your property.  This book is easy to follow and easy to implement in any training program.  The book is written for the general public to train their dogs to find shed antlers, it is not written in such a manner that only professional trainers can understand the concepts, but on the other hand can certainly be used by professional dog trainers at their kennels and incorporate shed dog training into their existing hunting dog programs.


Dokken Shed Antler Dog Training Book Features and Benefits:

  • Teaches you how to train your dog to retrieve shed antlers
  • Trains dogs to find shed antlers using sight and scent
  • Tons of color photos to further explain training process
  • Applies years of Tom Dokken Shed DogTraining lessons
  • This book can be used to train dogs to find deer, elk and moose antlers
  • Applies to every breed of dog (although hunting breeds are easiest to train)
  • Perfectly complimented with a shed dog training DVD
  • Easy and light paperback training book
  • Easy to carry for a field training reference manual

Training Your Dog to Hunt For Shed Deer Antlers, A Handbook of Practical Teaching Methods:

  • Step One: Elementary Education: The First Step in Introducing Your Dog To Shed Antler Hunting in Your House or Out in Your Yard
  • Step Two: Secondary Education: Teaching the Dog That the Nose Knows Where the Shed Antlers Are Hidden
  • Step Three: Higher Education: Four Drills for Dogs To Develop Into the Finished Shed Hunter
  • Step Four: Continuing Education: Keep Your Trained Shed Hunter in Tune
  • Additional Info on Shed Hunting:
    • Where to Look for Shed Antlers
    • What to Expect When Using a Dog to Hunt Shed Antlers
    • What To Do With Shed Deer Antlers
    • What Are Deer Antlers
    • The Fun Of Using a Dog to Hunt for Shed Antlers
    • What Breed of Dog Can Become A shed Hunters
    • Who Can Hunt For Shed Antlers
    • Information on NASHDA (North American Shed Hunting Dog Association)

Dokken Shed Antler Training Handbook Size and Weight

  • Weighs 0.60 lbs
  • Small for field guide use



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