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Shed Dog Training

Shed dog training is made simple with the right tools for the owner and the dog. Training hunting dogs right is our priority at Everything Shed Dog. We strive to provide the top products in the industry to make dog training easy for the owner and the dog. Establishing the connection between the owner and the dog is essential when training a dog, and we have the products to make that happen and maybe even make it fun too.

Shed Dog Training Products....we only sell the best!

At Everything Shed Dog we love the whitetail hunting lifestyle of chasing big game animals, studying the herd on our properties and hunting grounds via finding shed antlers, and knowing what the potential is for shooting the big one for the upcoming year. That being said, something was missing from this equation.....our hunting DOGS!! That is why years ago we became obsessed with finding shed antlers and training our shed dog training to find those shed antlers that had been alluding us for so many years. We combined the hunting, that we still love, with our dogs and now shed antler hunting is even better, and the knowledge of our herd and hunting properties we have gained from these shed antlers is amazing. We have found shed dog training to be super fun, rewarding, a great off season sharpening tool, and the dogs love it too! Not to mention, we get to see if there are any trophy deer on the property to pumped up for next hunting season.

We are focusing on quality, not quantity. Every product and brand that we carry on EverythingShedDog.com was been personally used in our training or our pro staff has endorsed this products as top quality and reliable. We do not want to be everything to everyone, but the best high quality outlet for products and information associated with shed dog training and shed antler hunting!

Shed Hunting Dogs New To You? Visit Our Frequently Asked Questions Section and Learn More About Shed Dogs and Training!

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    $9.95 $10.95

    Dokken Rack Wax is the actual real whitetail scent that is turned into a wax for ease of use, 100% natural scent of deer shed antlers. Rack Wax is applied to shed antlers for training shed dogs to detect actual shed antler scent. This scented wax is a special formula that was created by Tom Dokken for his shed dog training system. The antler scented Rack Wax is in a easy to use chap stick like tube so it does not make a mess while applying during training sessions. This rack wax formula is made to not wash off in the rain or snow so it is the perfect solution to replicate real antler training scenarios.

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    $34.49 $34.99

    If you have been looking for a way to training your hunting dog to find those elusive shed antlers over the winter months, this is the perfect shed dog training kit for you.  This shed antler dog training kit comes with everything you need to start the process so you can find that those hard to locate sheds.  Follow professional dog trainer Jemery Moore's instructions with this kit, it is easy as one, two, three.  That is right this kit is only three steps from the beginning to the end and your dog will be find shed antlers in the woods and bringing right back to you.  Thousands of shed hunters have used this training kit to teach their hunting dogs to find shed antlers so you can have the confidence it will work for you too!

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    $9.99 $11.99

    This shed antler deer scent is specially made for use with the DogBone Shed Antler Training / Retriever dummy (White or Brown) or any real antler.  This is great scent that we use and highly recommend, it makes the training process so much more efficient and give the dogs a more "real world" training experience.  This is a must have dog training tool.

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    $9.95 $10.95

    This shed dog training handbook is a great guide that will provide you step by step instruction for both you and  your dog.  It is a very practical and easy to understand book and training system.  This softback book is the standard in the shed dog world and will provide you with everything you need to get your dog ready for shed hunting season.  Both shed dog sight training and shed dog scent training are covered thoroughly by Jerry Thomas and Tom Dokken as they teach you step by step how to get your dog perfectly conditioned for finding those big whitetail buck and bull antlers. 

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    $99.99 $119.99
    Shed Dog Complete training kit that will take you from day 1 of training until you are ready to hit the woods from shed antler season! Save $$ by purchasing these shed dog training tools in one kit!
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    $174.95 $179.99

    Everything you need to take your Shed dog to the next level in finding those trophy antlers!  This kit was designed by us to include everything we use to train our shed antler hunting dogs.  There is the every level of training product, you can literally start training a brand new puppy or a experienced field trial dogs and you will have all the products you will need for both situations.  All of these products are top quality and designed by one of the guru's Tom Dokken, he as been training champion shed field trial dogs for years and has used these exact same products to create winning dogs.  There is no doubt if you have this shed dog training kit and put the time into fully following Mr. Dokken's program, you will have a pro shed hunting dog!

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    $64.95 $69.95

    A great shed dog start up kit for anyone to begin training their hunting dog to hunt for Shed antlers.  One of the many great parts about training your hunting dog to find shed antlers is that you can get all the training gear for under $60 and start the process very easly.  This is such a great sport that extends your dog's season and gives you a great late winter / early spring activity.  This is also a fun activity that an entire family can participate in, when everyone is suffering from that winter cabin fever.  Dokken makes such great and easy to use shed antler dog training products that anyone can follow these instructions and effectively train their dog.  START YOUR TRAINING TODAY!

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    $19.49 $21.99

    This DVD will teach you how to introduce your dog to shed hunting using Tom Dokken's very own essential drills, equipment, and tips. It shows you everything you need to know and have in order to get your dog ready for the field. It can be fun for the whole family due to the fun and easy to understand facts and tips about this exciting hobby.  Shed dog training is so much easier with this guide Tom Dokken's....we use this DVD on a daily basis and is easy to use and understand but is perfect for all levels of training.

  9. 14.95 $14.95

    This Shed Dog Training DVD is an easy to use tool to help dog owners train their shed antler dogs. With simple step-by-step procedures and thorough explanations by Jeremy Moore, owner of Dog Bone Hunter Products, this instructional DVD makes the process of shed dog training a cinch for both the dog owner and the dog.  This is a must have training DVD that is made to work in conjunction with Dog Bone's line of shed training products or any other training products on the market.  Gun Dog Magazine has been around the dog training world forever, and they have put all their weight behind this great video and it shows in the quality!

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    $24.95 $27.95

    New Product: This training antler is hassle free and uses the Shed Dog Trainer Rack Wax Antler scent (comes pre-filled), which makes this training tool easy.  This antler is a must have in any shed dog trainers bag of tools.

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