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Start Up Shed Dog Training Kit by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer

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A great shed dog start up kit for anyone to begin training their hunting dog to hunt for Shed antlers.  One of the many great parts about training your hunting dog to find shed antlers is that you can get all the training gear for under $60 and start the process very easly.  This is such a great sport that extends your dog's season and gives you a great late winter / early spring activity.  This is also a fun activity that an entire family can participate in, when everyone is suffering from that winter cabin fever.  Dokken makes such great and easy to use shed antler dog training products that anyone can follow these instructions and effectively train their dog.  START YOUR TRAINING TODAY!

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This is the perfect kit to get up and going with shed dog training, it includes everything you need for a great value but will take you through years of training and includes everything that builds a solid foundation of shed dog skills. The shed dog training DVD and Handbook will guide you through the entire training process from day till you are a professional and running in NASHDA shed dog events.  The DVD and Handbook, by trainer Tom Dokken, is a easy to follow guide for the general dog owner, so it is easy to understand and replicate.  The Rack Wax and large antler is the perfect combination of training tools so you can follow along with the shed dog handbook.  As you advance, there is other training tools (Shed Dog Pro Training Kit) that can be acquired but are not essential at the beginning stages of the shed dog training process.

Shed Dog Start Up Training Kit Includes:

(1) Shed Dog Training DVD by Tom Dokken SA-DVD

This DVD will teach you how to introduce your dog to shed hunting using Tom Dokken's very own essential drills, equipment, and tips.

  • Introduces your dog to shed antlers
  • Easy to follow training instruction
  • Explains entire Shed Dog Trainer line of training products
  • Establishes affective Shed hunting drills 
  • Shed Hunting Drills re-enforce basic skills to find shed antlers
  • Introduces required training equipment and how to use
  • Shed antler scent and sight training 


(1) Genuine Shed Antler (Large) by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-ATL

 With this large and 100% real whitetail antler by Dokken you can get your dog ready for shed hunting this year.

  • One nice whitetail deer shed antler
  • Great for training more experienced and older shed dogs and keeping them trained up
  • Trains your dog to recognize antlers by sight and scent
  • 100% Real Antler for realistic training exercises
  • Plant this antler in the woods for training


(1) Shed Rack Wax (Scent) by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-RWX

 Apply Shed Dog Scented Antler Wax to antlers for training shed dogs to detect actual scent of deer antlers. 

  • Helps to train your Shed Dogs
  • Allows older antlers to be used
  • Allows shed dog scent training
  • Chap stick tube Package
  • Water and weather proof for all condition shed training
  • Enhances the scent of shed antlers
  • No mess antler scent application
  • Small size ideal for field use
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • 100% real antlers used in making this scent
  • Made of Whitetail antlers but can be used for any training
  • Light weight, only .5oz.


(1) Dokken Shed Antler Training Handbook SA-BKP

This handbook will teach you how to step by step train your Shed dog to get those antlers.

  • Guide to training your dog to find Elk, Moose, and deer shed antlers
  • Although hunting & retrieving breeds are easiest to train this applies to all breeds of dogs.
  • Teaches you how train your dog to retrieve shed antlers of all types
  • Starts training process on day one
  • Can be used with puppies and older dogs
  • Easy to follow, step by step directions

Advanced Shed Dogs and Shed Dog Trainers Can Acquire a Shed Dog Pro Training Kit

All Products in this start up kit can be purchases individually:

Customer Reviews

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Good starter Review by Tim
This kit has a DVD and book that explains all the steps in training your dog, and explains why certain steps are important. I have extra antlers from archery hunting and cut them off for extra "sheds" I just use the rack wax to make it seem like a fresh shed. My dog is a 10 week old English mastiff and lab mix and he loves playing fetch with the sheds. I also got some antlers that are cut into 5-6 inch pieces and he would rather chew on them than anything else. This is a great kit that started him out right, and we are on out way to finding sheds on a regular basis. (Posted on 1/15/2016)
Has worked great for my dog Review by Dale- (North Carolina)
I have watch the video and read the book and I feel like I have a good concept for what needs to be done. Now I just have to start the training. It does not seems very complicated and I have a smart lab. I am looking forward to finding sheds this winter still! (Posted on 2/14/2014)
Progress with my dog Jude! Review by Sarah
Jude is doing great with her training and is coming along nicely with find antlers. We have really enjoyed this process and believe this kit was a great tool for helping in our success. Everything was as expected and the system works. I need some more Rack Wax now...so I will be ordering some additional soon. (Posted on 11/4/2013)
Loving this sport! Review by Berry B.
My dog is loving looking for sheds, it has really filled the gap from our bird hunting season. This is a nice kit from Mr. Dokken, it provided everything to start training. The book is good and well written, the rack and antler also work just fine! Well recommended product, I am training a black lab. Berry B., WI (Posted on 11/4/2013)

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