Rack Wax Shed Antler Scent by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-RWX

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Dokken Rack Wax is the actual real whitetail scent that is turned into a wax for ease of use, 100% natural scent of deer shed antlers. Rack Wax is applied to shed antlers for training shed dogs to detect actual shed antler scent. This scented wax is a special formula that was created by Tom Dokken for his shed dog training system. The antler scented Rack Wax is in a easy to use chap stick like tube so it does not make a mess while applying during training sessions. This rack wax formula is made to not wash off in the rain or snow so it is the perfect solution to replicate real antler training scenarios.



Rack Wax is used in training shed dogs and is a great way to enhance the natural scent of a shed antler for dog training purposes. Using Rack Wax allows you to better train your shed dog and give them a more realistic training experience. This product enables easy detection of the antlers from the scent of deer antlers that it produces, this scent is bottle and made into a wax which is the perfect consistency for using in dog training. The best part of using a scented wax is that is stays on the shed antler very well and will not wash off in your dog training exercises in the snow or rain.

Shed Dog Rack Wax Features and Benefits:

  • Enhances scent of shed antlers
  • 100% real whitetail scent used in make Rack Wax
  • Essential piece of any shed dog training program
  • Increases effectiveness of shed dog training
  • Will not wash off in rain and snow
  • Waterproof for all weather application
  • Helps enhance scent the training of shed dogs
  • Packaged in chap-stick tube (no Mess)
  • Convenient small size for pocket or field gear bag
  • Professional shed dog trainer Tom Dokken product
  • Comes Packaged individually
  • Wax has chap stick style turning mechanism 
  • Works perfectly in-conjunction with small or large Dokken real antlers
  • Will also work with any antler used in your training program

Rack Wax Field Application Instructions:

Upon entering your dog training area, take the antlers you will be training with and lay them out on the ground.  Now remove the rack wax antler scent from your your training field bag.  Once your have your rack wax in your hand and lid removed, pick up one antler at a time and liberally coat the base and up to the first bow tine with the rack wax antler scent.  At this point your antlers have the additional shed antler scent needed for a great dog training session and you are ready to start the training process.  Once completed with training, there is no need to wash the rack wax off, the antlers will be perfectly fine to store them with the rack still applied.


Antler Scent Shed Dog Training Rack Wax Instructions Per Packaging:

This training scent imitates the smell of fresh antlers.  Apply to clean, dry sheds or plastic training antlers to increase the antler oder and make it easier and more successful for a dog learning how to hunt.  Use Liberally for best results


Shed Dog Rack Wax Size and Weight

    • Weighs 0.50 lbs
    • Chap stick tube packaging
    • Approximately 2 inches long


Rack Wax Product Video


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Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Question: Does the white tail rack scent work for mule deer and elk antlers as well?
Answer: The Rack Wax Shed Antler Scent by Dokken Shed Dog Trainer SA-RWX does work for all Antlered Animals. It is a best seller and hard for us to keep in stock!
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Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.