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Dog Bone

DogBone products are one of the first and most premier shed dog training brands on the market today, this is the case because it truly works!!  Any dog can be trained to find shed antlers with this dog training system!  Jeremy Moore invented and perfected this system through years of perfecting his craft while training dogs to find shed antlers and work with hundreds of dogs as some of the top kennel's. DogBone products are made of the highest quality of materials that are safe and confidence building for your dog.  Their line of products can be used while just starting to train a dog or used on dogs that have years of field experience, and everything in between.  These training products are sold in a complete traing kit, which makes the process super easy, or you can buy individual components as needed or for replace if you run out.  This is really works and is easy to use and train with, plus your dog will have a blast during the process!

Bog Bone Products just released the revolutionary new training system that has been developed to train any dog to find a wounded deer or other big game animals by training the dog to track it using scent.  This dog training system is call the Game Recovery System Kit, and it provides all the materials and key components to property train your dog at home to find wounded deer.  The system takes advantage of a dogs amazing sense of smell and teaches your dog follow that scent to recover that big game animal.  This kit includes real deer hide and fur for realistic training, 100% real deer blood scent for training their noises, drag clip, drag rope, and most importantly a easy to follow step by step guide on using this kit to train the dog at your house.  This is guide is easy to follow and will make the training process absolutely painless.