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Dokken- Dead Fowl / Shed Dog Trainer

1 products

1 products

Dokken's Shed Dog Trainer brand was the pioneer in the shed hunting industry.  Mr. Dokken has been training hunting dog retrievers for years and saw an opportunity to train dogs to find the coveted shed antlers from animals such as whitetail deer, elk, moose, and more!  If you take hunting seriously and you have or enjoy dogs, this is the perfect sport for you.  The shed dog sport is the fastest growing sport within the dog hunting community and for good reason!  This system can be used to train any type of dog, at any level or age, and for recovery of any type of antler.  The Dokken Rack Wax Scent that is used in this shed dog training system was created to provide the scent of all antlers, not one specific type of antler, such as whitetail or elk, so this system can training any dog to find your big game antlers of choice!

Dokken's Shed Dog Training System- The Shed Dog line of products has everything for the beginner to the most advanced professional trainer.  The system was designed to be able to add products as you and your dog advance in skill level.  Mr. Dokken even created easy to follow step by step guides such as, Shed Dog Training DVD or Shed Dog Training Handbook.  Check out the easy Dokken Start Up Kit that is everything you need to begin training your shed dog today!

Dokken Training System NASHDA Endorresed

The Complete Shed Dog Training System is endorsed by the the NASHDA.  Check out the full shcedule of events for the NASHDA by checking out our blog.  We are proud to be one of the top sponsors of the NASHDA.