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  1. 109.95 $109.95

    The SportDOG SD-105 Yard Trainer is perfect ecollar system for entry-level obedience training around the house or yard. The small, compact system is very easy to use.

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  2. 199.95 $199.95

    SportDOG products are great tools to train dogs the art of bird hunting. With a dedication to quality, this Launcher Receiver was designed to be strong and durable, while having up to 80 hours of battery life. 

  3. 549.95 $549.95

    An affordable e-collar for eager hunters, this remote system allows dog handlers to train and track up to 12 dogs up to 7 miles away. With it being waterproof and submersible, this collar is able to be used in swamplands, in the rain, dew, or ponds. 

  4. New
    $299.95 $319.95

    Classic transmitter with modern technology. This transmitter reaches up to 2 miles and has advanced features.

  5. Sale
    $374.95 $379.95

     Keep the location on hard-running pointing dogs with a transmitter that controls a receiver and at the same time remotely operates a waterproof, audible beeper.

  6. Sale
    $129.95 $149.95

    Track your dog with ease with this 9 tone audible tracking beeper.

  7. Sale
    $79.95 $99.95

    Make keeping track of your dog easy with this deluxe beeper system.

  8. Sale
    $14.45 $14.95

    A perfect whistle for dog training or calling during difficult weather and on rough terrain.

  9. Sale
    $9.45 $9.95

    This high pitched frequency dog whistle is the perfect training tool for your dog!

  10. Sale
    $4.45 $4.95

    A hunting whistle specifically designed to work for short distances in adverse weather. 

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