Wounded Deer Professional Dog Training System / Kit By Dog Bone Products DeerTrackingKit

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Train your dog to help you find wounded or dead deer.  We have all been in the position where we know we put a decent shot on the animal but we just can't find good blood, but know you are in luck!  Train your dog to get on the blood scent and you won't lose anymore deer.  Dogs noises are so much better than our eyes and we will locate those hard to find deer!!  If your a hunter you will want to use this kit to recovery more deer with your dog!


  • SKU: DeerTrackingKit

This wounded/ dead deer dog training tracking kit provide everythign you will ever need to train and track deer at your favorite hunting grounds.  This kit gives you everything you need to successfully train virtually any dog (any age) to track and find wounded game. Should you ever not be able to locate an animal you’ve shot, your dog will be able to trail that animal and help you recover it before it spoils or coyotes get to it first!

Deer Recovery Kit includes:

  • Full Recovery Training Kit (Drag, Drag Line, Drag Clip, Training Book/ manual, Blood Scent)
  • Full Lenght Dog Tracking- Deer Recovery DVD by Jeremy Moore (and Gun Dog Magaizine)
  • Extra Deer Hide for training
  • Extra BloodTrail Training Scent (real deer blood scent)
  • Game Recovery Tracking Leash- 25 Foot Tracking leash (required by law in some states for tracking deer with dogs)


Full Deer Tracking Recovery Kit / System Details:

Jeremy Moore has been instrumental in developing dog training system for training shed antler dogs, and now he has bought that extensive knowledge to the deer recovery world.  This is a great new product for training your dog to find wounded or deceased whitetail deer or other big game (will work for any large game).  This dog training system is the prefect kit to train any dog to find your big game animal and make sure you recovery every animal you shoot, no matter the cover, density or terrain of your favorite hunting area.  This deer tracking training system and kit utilizes a dogs amazing noises, which hundreds of times better than human beings, if a dog is trained using this game recovery system it will make deer recovery a much easier than it has been in the past.

This deer tracking system has everything that you will need for completely training your dog.  This is a revolutionary new product that formalizes the training process and makes it a simple to follow training program.  This kit is so realistic that even the deer hide and the scent are made from 100% whitetail, nothing but the best training systems and products from Dog Bone Hunter and professional trainer Jeremy Moore.

  • Game Recovery RealHide Deer hide drag- REAL whitetail fur drag for the realistic dog training experinace and scent replication
  • Game Recovery BloodTrail Training Scent- 2oz.- Real wounded big game scent for teaching and training your dog to recognize the deer tracking scent
  • Game Recovery Dog training manual- Step by step guide to training your deer recovery dog successfully
  • Game Recovery Drag Clip- Clip onto the deer hide for dragging the hide and scent for training exercises
  • Game Recovery Drag Line- Line for extending the deer hide for dragging the hide and scent for training exercises

Full Lenght Dog Tracking- Deer Recovery DVD by Jeremy Moore (and Gun Dog Magaizine):


Many states have now legalized the use of tracking dogs recovering wounded big game animals. Jeremy Moore has developed a complete training system for tracking dogs to recover wounded big game animals.  Combining a structured program with his own line of scent-training products, Jeremy shows how to bring out the tracking instinct and develop a dog's desire to stay with the track despite various obstacles, resulting in successful game recovery under all conditions. 


  • Hosted by GUN DOG editor Rick Van Etten
  • Approximately 46 minutes

Extra Deer Hide for training:

Naturally processed and preserved The RealHide Deer Hide Drag is a real piece of deer hide that has been naturally processed and preserved. Train a dog right to retrieve.  Upon opening the package, you’ll need to rehydrate the RealHide by soaking in water for approximately four hours. After use, place your RealHide in its plastic bag and freeze it between training sessions.


Extra BloodTrail Training Scent (real deer blood scent):

Train dogs right using a liquid blood trailing scent made from real deer blood along with several other key scent components encountered while following wounded game. Makes following the scent simple and easy for dogs.  This scent contains 2 oz. of dog training blood scent.


Game Recovery Tracking Leash- 25 Foot Tracking leash:


The RigidBuiltTM Tracking Leash is designed to make tracking wounded game easier. Its rigid, tangle-free design was developed specifically for use during the game recovery and training process, in heavy cover and difficult terrain.



The RigidBuilt Tracking Leash is built to last, made from premium materials and features an EZ-Clip that is both durable and functional - it makes leashing and unleashing eager dogs easier than traditional clips.




Rigid Built Tracking Leash meets requirements in states that require your dog to be leashed during the recovery process. Check your state and local regulations before using your dog to recover game.


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